Guild meeting 25th October

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Guild meeting 25th October

Post  Vypra on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:42 pm

Guild meeting 25th October

At the meeting were Ryleen, Lahni, Hadunka, Snicka, Gen'jin, Chabat, Kaz'jo, Nimnir and Vajro.

The Meeting was slightly late in starting due Lahni conducting the soul re-forging ritual for Snicka. The rite was a success and our former warlord was finally able to re-join the spirit link.

Ryleen opened the meeting by informing us that she has received a response from the Theatre of Cruelty. The Matriarch has agreed to meet their diplomat in Shattrath in two days time.

Unfortunately, there was also some more unsettling news the Theatre. Firstly, although the recent kidnap and torture of Lahni was carried out by only a few individuals, the Leader of the Theatre, the Orc; Opathu 'two-smile', has since approved of these actions. We can't be sure what he plans to do as yet, but it does complicate matters. Secondly, the Elf; Sariia, who currently resides as our 'hostage' in the visitor's village, may be at risk if we release her.

They stated that they did not care whether she survived and may, in fact, harm her to learn more about us if she was to return to them. However, little more can be known about the situation until Ryleen meets with the Theatre diplomat and so Sariia will stay with us for the time being.

We then discussed the planned Masquerade ball. The traditional Hallow's end celebration will this year be held in Caer Darrow in the plaguelands..

There was little more to be said aside from Kaz'jo alerting everybody that he had seen a Dwarf snooping around near the valley entrance and so the meeting was closed.

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