Guild meeting 25th Jan

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Guild meeting 25th Jan

Post  Vypra on Tue Jan 26, 2010 12:35 pm

Guild meeting 25th Jan

At the meeting were Tamarah, Ryleen, 然os, Chabat, Hadunka, Tamb男ika and Sertah (we were also joined once again by Mok).

Ryleen reported that, while her stance on refusing to attack civilian targets in retaliation against the Alliance campaign in the eastern kingdoms was scorned by the Warsong Blades and the House of Sylvanas, The Leader of the Ashen Order agreed that the tactic was unacceptable and also supported the idea of opening communications with the Alliance to attempt to bring their offensive to an end.

However, here have been rumours that the attack on Loch Modan went ahead as planned and did have the desired effect of forcing the Alliance army to pause and regroup.

Ryleen also informed the Head of the Order of our plans to make a new home in Stranglethorn Vale. He agreed to lend us as many shaman as we need to help with the ritual to appease the spirits of Antu坦ah. Unfortunately, Lord Archnazg Magnark has managed to find out a limited amount of information about the valley too. So far, he only knows the name but all members of the Heritage are advised to be wary of his spies.

The Dark Lord of the House of Sylvanas has also threatened the lives of the orphans that Ryleen has adopted and we must take extra care to protect them until we can move them to the safety of the valley.

Given the urgency of getting Antu坦ah ready for us to move into, Sertah plans to perform the ritual on the first Friday of next month and will begin contacting those shaman that she feels best able to help with the ritual, as soon as possible.

This should give Ryleen chance to address the issue of getting the building materials for our temporary shelters together. Fortunately, the problem of acquiring those materials has now been reduced to where to get them from as Ryleen has found herself in possession of a means to pay for them.

Finally, as the trial set by our former Primal Gen男in fail to establish a clear successor, it fell to Ryleen to choose who will replace him as her second in command. After much deliberation, the Warlord asked Sertah to take the position. She happily agreed and graciously saluted the efforts of her fellow challengers

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