Guild meeting 25th august

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Guild meeting 25th august

Post  Vypra on Wed Aug 27, 2008 10:01 pm

note tagged to top of report: I hope nobody minds, but as Zanick wasn't at this weeks meeting i kinda thought i'd write some notes for those that couldn't make it. Sorry its taken so long but it was a really long night! - Chabat

Folks present: Snicka, Gulzayne, Ryleen, Deyy, Gando, Jum, Jimar, Rezip, Screwtape, Djinja, Mchalli, Nenya, Garsarokk.

Guests: Liontooth, Ashya, Nameya

First thing that happened was Liontooth showing up. I don't know if Snicka expected him, but he wanted to hear what Lion said he found out about the House...and about Malicestrom.
It seems like the Forsaken are making Zombies of the Elves that join them (Death Knights was the words Snicka used) and it looks like that's what they did to Malice.

Next they talked about wether or not the Heritage and the Greywolfs would join something called the Blood Pact (kinda an organised defense force made of some of the more well armed guilds) seeing as House had also been invited to join it. Lion and Snicka both were a bit worried that the Warsong Blades had made an agreement to 'forget' that the House used demons against Sen'jin village just because Lord Archnazg has a lot of soildiers to help with that defense force thing.

There was a bit of a disturbance after that, but it turned out to be Seidra of the Scarlet Moon. He offered us an alliance that didn't involve the house. Snicka asked Liontooth to stay as Seidra wanted to invite the Greywolfs too. They didn't seem to like his offer very much (well, it did seem like he was asking us to help start attacking alliance places and go against the Ashen Order just because we don't like the House) and eventually they asked Seidra to give them timw to think about it.

Liontooth left when Seidra and his group did and we carried on with our business.

Snicka thanked the guild and Ryleen especially for supporting him through his trial and welcomed Deyy back to her position as Blood Elf emmisary. Gando, Gulzayne and Jum all got promoted and Mchalli joined the guild.

After that Snicka explained that he decided to make some changes to the Heritage ( i think he needed something to keep his mind busy while he was waiting for his trial). He said it was clear that he couldn't just expect Zanick to take over every time he wasn't around as there might be times she was busy too so he wanted to appoint some Masters to take of certain things.

A Voodoo master to consult the spirits on behalf of the guild. A Battle master that will lead the headhunters into battle. A Lore master to remind us all of troll customs and lead our rituals and finally a Treasure master to keep track of the guild bank (Ryleen already got that job of course).

We moved on to a letter Snicka got from his cousin, Jinto'nick. As he read, it was clear that Jinto'nick has allied himself with Zul'jin and wants us to do the same! Of course Snicka said there was no way that was going to happen but Ryleen suggested that he talk to Jinto'nick first and see how much we could find out about his plans before we turn his offer down.

So, we quickly went over all our offers of alliances, none of them seeming really that good for us. It seems that for now we will turn them all down or at least put off deciding until we know a little more.

Things kinda went a little odd after that. a crazy old troll turned up saying he was a follower of the Blood god ....except then he turned all around and said that instead he wanted our help against the followers of the Soulflayer. He didn't know where he was and seemed really happy that he'd managed to make it to Orc lands.
Anyway, eventually he pursuaded Snicka to let him live and he joined the guild too, but as an outsider under Snicka's new rules. If Mokeeji proves himself he'll be allowed to take the oath and join us as a Kindred.

And that was about it except Gulzayne applied for the job of Lore master, Stargaazer stopped by breifly and i treid to explain to her all that happened, and just as i was heading back to Silvermoon, it seemed that somebody from the House, Eloeg i think, had been spotted spying on us!

So...if anybody needs to ask about the new Guild positions they can ask Snicka or any of the new Masters i guess.


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Re: Guild meeting 25th august

Post  Zanick on Thu Aug 28, 2008 11:51 pm

Good summary. Thanks for taking some notes, Chabat.

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