Guild Meeting on 6th October 2008

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Guild Meeting on 6th October 2008

Post  Zanick on Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:26 pm

Present at the meeting were Stargaazer, Chabat, Garsarokk, Ryleen, Gando, Gul'Zayne, Djinja, Snicka, myself and, later on, Lyranne.

First of all I explained that, by chance, I had met Emeline in Orgrimmar two days earlier. She gave me the antidote to the poison that had been added to the water supplies in Sen'jin. This, she told me, should be just enough to cure the trolls in the village by giving each a few drops in a drink. She promised to make more antidote so that the poison still present in the water supply itself could be neutralised.

After testing the antidote successfully on a sick raptor, I gave the potion to Master Gadrin and he made sure that all of the ill trolls in the village were given some. I was able to report that all of these trolls were now recovering well.

Ryleen told us that some time ago the blood elf, Malicestrom had asked her to make some items for him, using her engineering skills. The previous night Malicestrom came to collect these items from her and Ryleen asked him about his actions in relation to the poisoning. Malicestrom told her that Emeline had claimed we were hunting her because we wrongly accused her of aiding the villainous Tivak. Because of this Malicestrom agreed to put the poison in the water.

Malicestrom's account that he did this crime of his own free will does not quite match up with what Gul'Zayne saw in his spirit-vision. This may have something to do with the dark magics of Archnazg turning Malicestrom into some kind of 'death knight'. Whatever the truth, we should still all be suspicious of Malicestrom and, if he shows his face again we should try to capture him.

A new recruit came to our meeting. He introduced himself as Zeral the Lifesaver, an experienced shaman dedicated to the healing arts. He told us of his mysterious friend, Pooky, who may be some kind of guardian-spirit, although we weren't entirely sure. Zeral has now joined our guild as an outsider. If he proves himself worthy, we hope to soon welcome him to the rank of Kindred.

Warlord Snicka told of a meeting to discuss a pact with other guilds that took place in the Undercity on the previous night. As well as ourselves, this meeting involved the Ashen Order, the House of Sylvanas, the Bleeding Axe Clan, the Extreme Anglers Club, the Clearwater Tribe and included representatives from Sang Real and the Royal Apothecary Society. This meeting discussed a pact for the mutual defence of all Horde cities. Some tentative agreement was reached by the main guilds, although many details still need to be agreed.

Ryleen voiced her unhappiness about forming a pact with the House of Sylvanas, although she accepted the need to defend the cities. We also discussed Lyranne's proposal for a council that meets regularly to allow important matters to be discussed between the guilds. A further meeting of the guild leaders is planned for next week (sun-day).

Snicka announced that he had reported Rokalm's behaviour to Warchief Thrall. Rokalm has now been stripped of his rank within the Orgrimmar defence force. Rokalm is now vengeful and Snicka believes that he may join Shadowtroll's band of pirates. However, there has been no sign of the villainous Shadowtroll in the last week.

I announced that I would like to start an informal night of fist-fighting. This is a great troll tradition and will help those of us that fight hand-to-hand to improve our strength and reflexes, while raising the profile of our guild. I suggested that we start next week on two-day starting at the ninth hour of the evening. Any that are interested should meet at Jaggedswine Farm outside the main gate of Orgrimmar.

Our guild has also been asked to conduct some patrols in the Barrens. The Horde troops in the Barrens are continually beset by marauding centaur and quillboar, and Alliance outrunners and adventurers also sometimes cause difficulties for trade caravans and travellers. Starting on four-day this week, I will lead a patrol starting at the Crossroads at the ninth hour of the evening. We will patrol a route around the Barrens before ending in Ratchet for a few drinks at the Broken Keel. This should also allow us to raise the profile of our guild. All members are welcome to take part in this.

Five members of the Royal Apothecary Society visited our meeting. We gave them samples of the tainted water and the antidote provided by Emeline. They took these down to the beach, just outside of the village and carried out a number of strange alchemical tests. After one of these tests caused a large explosion and a cloud of green gas that threatened to drift through the village, Snicka asked them to return to their laboratories in the Undercity to complete their investigations.

Unfortunately, no-one had seen or heard from Jimar in the last week.

Primal of the Guild

Additional Note: While the apothecaries were experimemting on the beach, Emeline arrived to deliver the extra bottles of antidote needed to neutralise the village water supplies. Warlord Snicka and Lyranne discussed the situation with her. She repeated that she would accept any punishment for her former crimes that we chose to inflict on her, as long as she was allowed to live. It was finally decided that she will serve Lyranne for an indefinite period and do whatever work was needed to repay her debt to the trolls of Sen'jin, our guild and the Horde in general.

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