Guild Meeting on 20th October 2008

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Guild Meeting on 20th October 2008

Post  Zanick on Thu Oct 23, 2008 9:33 pm

Present at the meeting were Gul'Zayne, Stargaazer, Chabat, Skeen, Rezip, Zakirma and myself.

I reported that Snicka is still missing and has not been seen since last sun-day. When he left Thunder Bluff that night, he probably flew directly to Orgrimmar and then caught the next zeppelin to Tirisfal Glades. That airship, the Thundercaller, was caught in a storm when it neared the Eastern Kingdoms. Although the goblins of the airship company don't freely admit it, the Thundercaller was hit by lightning and crashed, probably just off the north coast.

The goblin crew managed to survive and the airship (or at least a patched-up airship bearing the same name) is still in service on the Orgrimmar to Undercity route. At the moment we don't know for certain that Snicka was even on this zeppelin. So his disappearance remains a mystery. In all likelihood our cunning Warlord is alive and well somewhere. We will continue to make enquiries.

I announced that we have been invited to join the House of Sylvanas and other guilds in an attack on the Scourge. This will take place on three-day this week. Anyone who wishes to take part should meet at the Bulwark (on the border between Tirisfal Glades and the Western Plaguelands) at the ninth hour of the evening.

I have also been told that there will be a party on Fray Island on five-day this week. Members of the Greywolf Tribe and the Ashen Order have also been invited. I will speak to Vypra to try to get further details.

Troll Fight Night will be held again tomorrow (two-day) starting at nine in the evening. This will be an informal chance to practice some unarmed combat before we go to the Broken Keel for some liquid refreshment. Any member who wants to take part should come along to the field at Jaggedswine Farm outside Orgrimmar's main gate.

On four-day this week we will be organising another Patrol. This will start at the ninth hour at the Crossroads. The group will patrol the Barrens and then call in to the Broken Keel in Ratchet for a drink. We may then take the boat to Booty Bay and patrol around Stranglethorn Vale. All members are welcome to join us.

Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne announced that Stargaazer's spirit-quest will be held on three-day this week in Mulgore. This ceremony is a private one. It will allow Star to learn which Primal aspect or Loa should be her patron.

It was agreed that Gul'Zayne will conduct the tattoo ritual for Chabat and Stargaazer next moon-day. So there will be no weekly guild meeting next week, although we can discuss any urgent business when we meet for the ritual. The ritual will be held in a suitably spiritual location that Gul'Zayne will inform us about nearer the time. There will be feasting and drinking afterwards in celebration. Everyone should get their best tribal costumes ready and prepare to bring along the very best food and drinks for the feast!

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