Guild Meeting on 13th October 2008

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Guild Meeting on 13th October 2008

Post  Zanick on Fri Oct 17, 2008 10:24 pm

At the meeting were Chabat, Gul'Zayne, Zeral, Stargaazer, Lyranne, Nenya, Zakirma, Astroth, Jimar, Djinja and myself.

I reported that Skeen, Tanuuka and myself had conducted a Barrens Patrol on four-day last week. We succeeded in helping the Horde guards by keeping the centaurs in check to the north-west and south of the Crossroads. After a drink at the Broken Keel in Ratchet, we took the boat to Booty Bay and rode up to Grom'gol. At the request of the troops there, we patrolled the north of the Vale. We scared off several Alliance intruders that were causing trouble to Horde adventurers in the area.

Overall the patrols were a great success. We intend to organise these as a regular event. The Warsong Blades, who regularly patrol throughout Ashenvale, have also invited us to take part in joint patrols.

I reminded people that tomorrow (two-day) would be the first of our troll Fight Nights - an informal evening of unarmed combat practice at Jaggedswine Farm outside Orgrimmar.

Gul'Zayne noted that he has not yet organised the ceremony for Chabat and Stargaazer when thay hope to learn which of the loa should be their patrons. He promised to arrange this as soon as possible.

Jimar, arriving late at the meeting, explained why he has been missing for several weeks. It seems that he got into a disagreement with some Frostwolf orcs over the killing of one of their wolves. The orcs knocked him out and when he awoke he found he had been robbed. He decided to lay low for a while until the orcs' anger had cooled. He should now be safe from them after the intervention of some of Jimar's friends.

Lyranne reported that Warlord Snicka had been in Thunder Bluff to meet with some of the Greywolf Tribe yesterday (sun-day). Whilst there, Snicka discussed the meeting about a pact between the guilds with Lyranne. Snicka apparently left Thunder Bluff to travel to the Undercity for the meeting. But when Lyranne and the tauren Garviel reached the meeting there was no sign of Snicka. No-one has seen him since. The meeting in the Undercity ended with no significant agreements being made. Another meeting will take place next sun-day, but this time in Orgrimmar.

I will make further enquiries to try to find out what happened to Snicka, although there is no reason to immediately fear that he has fallen victim to any sort of attack. Being skilled in the arts of stealth, our Warlord may simply have had good reason to disappear from view for a while, in which case his movements will be almost impossible to trace.

Lyranne also confirmed that Emeline is still working under her supervision as a way to make amends for her former crimes.

Primal of the Guild

NOTE: It was agreed that the meeting next week will start a bit later - 8.30 pm.

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