Guild meeting 20th July

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Guild meeting 20th July

Post  Vypra on Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:53 pm

Guild meeting 20th July

At the meeting were Ryleen, Chabat, Gul'Zayne, Biji, Skeen and Gnaljin.

Gul'Zayne finally returned to us after being affected by the same curse that Ryleen and Rokalm had suffered with.

It seems he had dilibrately touched the tablet to determine the best way to find a cure. Unfortuntely, while under its effects, he had suffered a nasty fall off a cliff and was unable to heal himself due to the curse weakening his ability to cast any spells.

Gul'Zayne was releived to hear both Ryleen and Rokalm had been cleansed of the curse as he feared it would have eventually infected us all and made us unwilling slaves of the Blood God.,

Note: should anybody see our medicene woman or Gul'Zayne himself, please make sure that he gets Star to help heal his wounds.

We then welcomed our new outsider Biji, albeit a little hesitantly. Biji is another of the former Scourge known as Death Knights.

Gul'Zayne, however, was unable to hide his disapproval as he beleives that they are insult to the spirits.

Ryleen insisted that any Troll Death Knight that can prove themselves to us should be as welcome as those from other Toll tribes. The Zandalari tenet of being open to new ideas should extend to all Trolls no matter what their circumstance. If they remain true to the teachings of the Zandalari and loyal to us, there should be no reason not to allow them to join the Heritage.

Finally, Ryleen brought to our attention the fact the Deyy has not been seen for some time. The last time she was seen was at the memorial she held for her freind in Brill three weeks ago. Should anybody hear of Deyy's whereabouts, or see her around, please inform Ryleen or ask Deyy to contact her as soon as possible.

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