Guild meeting 6th July

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Guild meeting 6th July

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Guild meeting 6th July

At the meeting were Ryleen, Rokalm, ZiníZalji, Gnalíjin, Skeen and Chabat. Also present were our new outsider GazRok and DioKhan, a friend of Ryleenís.

First, we welcomed the newcomer, GazRok, to the guild. Stargazer had joined him to the spirit link but we explained in a little more detail who we are and what the Heritage is all about.

Next we discussed the Curse that is affecting Ryleen and Rokalm. Ryleen had gathered enough advice that points to a large ritual involving as many Shaman as we can gather will be needed to cleanse them of the Curse. ZiníZalji, as the most senior Shaman present, accepted the task of contacting the shaman and co-ordinating the ritual. However, as Skeen pointed out, there will be enough to do that the whole guild will be needed.

Ryleen then told us that her fellow guild leaders felt that she would be advised to have a bodyguard while she is unable to use her magic. Although she is far from defenceless, the guild felt this was a good idea. It was Rokalm that volunteeredfor the Job despite the recent disagreements that the Curse has caused between them.

ZiníZalji questioned the wisdom of this as Rokalm is himself affected by the Curse but Rokalmís abilities have been mostly unaffected and he is probably the most seasoned fighter among us. In the end, we agreed that he should take the job. All being well, it should not be needed for long.

The meeting was all but finished when Zinízalji spoke to us all over the spirit link. He had been on his way back to Seníjin when he found the road to Razor Hill blocked by Alliance. Joined by Stargazer, we all hurried to find him and were just in time to see the last of them disappearing through a portal to Stormwind. ZiníZalji described the colours of their tabards and the banner they carried that indicated they were soldiers from Stormwind.

An orc from the Blades arrived on the scene shortly after us and Ryleen managed to get him to admit he knew something about what the Alliance soldiers were doing in Durotar but he would say nothing further.

Before the interruption, Rokalm had asked me to retrieve the other tablet he had brought to us that had caused all the disruption at dinner the other week.
As the others made their way back to the valley of spirits I got the lockbox and took it back to the Spirit Lodge. We were joined there by Eiseth and Jhaga although Ryleen left soon after to return home and get some rest.

I was able to translate the words on the tablet without touching the stone and so did not suffer the same effects as Ryleen had that night. The only visible words on the stone were ĎMay the reader of this be a disciple of mine.í Rokalm found this extremely significant and contacted Ryleen over the spirit link. While they were talking I began to tell the latecomers what had happened at the meeting.

Ryleen seemed distracted at first but eventually Rokalm was able to get across to her that he thought the two tablets were working together to bend them to the will of the Blood God, Hakkar!

This added a certain urgency to performing the cleansing ritual as the longer they remain under the curse, the more likely they will be swayed to the worship of the Soulflayer. Ryleen seemed to think that the reason she was suffering more then Rokalm was not only because she is a troll, but that she is living in Stranglethorn Vale and so she plans to go and stay with friends in Outland until the Curse can be lifted.

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