Guild meeting on 7th July

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Guild meeting on 7th July

Post  Zanick on Wed Jul 16, 2008 8:56 pm

This meeting was well-attended. Present were Ryleen, Gando, Chabat, Deyyania, Djinja, Snicka, Jimar and myself.

Snicka started the meeting by explaining what had happened on the previous moon-day when several of our guild attended a meeting in Fairbreeze Village, south of Silvermoon City at the invitation of a group claiming to be the Servants of Illidan. [This meeting was also attended by representatives of a number of other Horde guilds: Greywolf Tribe, House of Sylvanas, Ashen Order, Scarlet Moon, Syndicate of the Sun and Order of the Blood Rose. In all there were about thirty people at this meeting.]

Oxirian, a blood elf who claimed to speak on behalf of Illidan, invited the guilds to join their master in defeating the blood-elf Prince Kael'thas, the Scourge and the Burning Legion. In exchange they promised great rewards. The leaders of the various guilds discussed the offer. They agreed to reject any cooperation with the Illidari. Only Seidra, a blood elf from the guild Scarlet Moon, wanted to accept.

Snicka also explained that two guilds asked for military help from the Heritage of Zandalar. Seidra said that the Scarlet Moon was planning to venture into Zul'Gurub in search of some item (which Seidra referred to as 'the fourth artefact') and wanted help from our guild. This request was discussed. All of us were sceptical about accepting, but we also want to know more about the Scarlet Moon's real aims. It was decided to agree to help, but to wait until we know the date and time of the planned attack on Zul'Gurub before making a final decision.

The House of Sylvanas had also asked for military aid from various other guilds. They are waging a war on the Alliance, and the Stormwind Council in particular. Archnazg is now the leader, the 'Dark Lord', of The House of Sylvanas, since Lady De La Saronno has 'resigned'. Snicka stated that he does not trust them at all and so we will not give any aid to them.

At this point in the meeting we noticed that Deyyania's behaviour had become increasingly strange. She started speaking in Thallassian without apparently realising it and it became impossible to discuss anything with her coherently. Ryleen and Jimar tried to find the cause of this latest problem and it became clear that Deyyania was acting more and more like a child. Jimar gave Deyy a toy bear for her to look after. This would help him to discover the real nature of her problem, but this was a risk because if the toy became damaged then Jimar would suffer some injury too.

Ryleen took Deyy out of the meeting to take care of her. The rest of us discussed what should be done. In her present state Deyy is not capable of helping to organise our guild investigation of the Tower of Karazhan, nor can we rely on her to act as our Sin'dorei Emissary. It was agreed that we would wait to see how her condition improved or worsened over the next few weeks. If necessary, we may have to find a new emissary, although no-one intends to kick Deyy out of our guild.

Snicka finished the meeting by announcing that he would not be able to attend the meeting next week. Snicka appointed Zanick to lead the meeting instead.

Finally, Jimar lightened the mood by telling us that he intended to learn to sail. It seems he wants to be a pirate, although that sort of life is not really fit for a member of our guild!

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