Guild meeting 6th December

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Guild meeting 6th December Empty Guild meeting 6th December

Post  Vypra on Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:04 pm

Guild meeting 6th December

At the meeting were Ryleen, Vajro, Zorh, Chabat, Lahni, Hadunka, Zanziri, Calto, Mokab and 'Ros.

First Ryleen explained our hasty departure from camp Una'fe for those who may have missed the details. A tauren member of the Warsong blades accused us of being a drain on the resources of the refugees there. In light of our efforts to aid the tauren at the camp, Ryleen tried to argue our case. However, Razeal was more physical in his remonstrations and the tauren who seems to have been a Sunwalker, severely injured him with her light given powers.

What the tauren didn't know was that Razeal had been about to depart as he had been planning to return to the House of Sylvanas. His old injuries from the fire back when we lived in Antu'rah, had never truly healed and this latest attack all but finished him. With no other way to deal with said injuries, Ryleen hoped the House might be able to restore him.

In actuallity. the House have restored Razeal to his former self and, while the Matriarch still retains hope that we may be able to reach out to him, the person we had come to know and trust is no more. Razeal has become the unfeeling forsaken he was before.

Next, Ryleen mentioned our current situation. As we are surrounded by Horde, we must take care to behave well around them and prove that what they may have heard about us is wrong. We will be helpful, polite and under no circumstances will we pick fights with them.

Finally, Ryleen outlined the next stages of our journey. In two days, we will set out for the longest and most dangerous stage of our travels. We will start out towards Sun Rock Retreat, to circle around an area where many alliance are camped. Windshear Crag and Talondeep Path will be the most difficult part. We can expect to be attacked and everyone must be ready to defend themselves.

We should use the time until our departure to pack carefully and make sure we are well rested as we may not get the chance to make camp again until we reach the Shatterspear village.

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