Guild Meeting 28th December

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Guild Meeting 28th December

Post  Vypra on Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:27 pm

Guild Meeting 28th December

At the meeting were Chabat, Zulíros and Zalume. We were later joined by our new applicants Sertah and Hadunka.

In the absence of The Warlord, Primal or any other Master, Chabat hosted the Meeting.

Chabat asked those present to pay attention to the spirit link in case Ryleen needed any assistance with the imminent cure for Stargazer.

A quick update was given on the Ancestor spirit led to us by Geníjin that has agreed to aid us with His Mojo. Zalume reminded us that she has yet to become one of our Kindred so that she may also attune to the Spirit of ZeníZil.

We were then joined by our first new recruit, Sertah of the Warpwood introduced herself and after a short discussion, she was joined to the spirit link.

Chabat raised Ryleenís request that as many as possible join her for dinner on the 1st day of the New Year. As we all celebrated Winter Veil separately, she felt it would be good for us to start the New Year together. Any that can attend should meet as usual in the valley of spirits at 20.00 on Friday.

Finally, we were joined by our second new comer, Hadunka, who introduced himself and was also joined to the spirit link.

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