Guild meeting 14th December

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Guild meeting 14th December

Post  Vypra on Tue Dec 15, 2009 8:49 pm

Guild meeting 14th December

At the meeting were: Ryleen, Gen'jin, Stargazer, Chabat and Engrek

Firstly, we dealt with Engrek's application to join the guild as a freethinker. The Orc told us some of his past before he had fallen on hard times. In return for Chabat helping him to regain his health, Engrek (in one of those Orcish notions of honour that sometimes baffle us) offered to act as bodyguard and so sees as part of his duties, learning of our ways and history.

After answering Ryleen's questions, Gen'jin performed the ritual to join Engrek to the spirit link and he is now an Outsider until he proves himself worthy to take the rank of Freethinker.

Next, Gen'jin reported on his investigations into the disappearance of so many of our members. His meditations have led him to believe that life in the Horde has lead many of our fellow trolls to loose their faith in our cause. During his contemplations, Gen'jin made contact with a Gurubashi ancestor spirit that dwells in Stranglethorn Vale. The spirit agreed to imbue our members with His mojo once we have made ourselves known to Him through an ritual linking our spirits with His.

We must go to the recently cleansed Nek'mani springs and partake of the waters, before we can attune with the spirit. Ryleen, as our Warlord will be the first to attempt the rite.

Ryleen was also able to bring us news of her progress with search for a cure for Stargazer. After consultation with Vaali of the Ashen Order, Rituals were conducted to allow Ryleen to connect with the elements. The Water rite had been performed already and now the Earth rite is complete it should not be too much longer before we will have Star back with us.

Finally, we once again talked over some suggestions for how to proceed with the goblin situation in Stranglethorn. Again we decided that stealth was our best option and the possibility of destroying some of their mining operations was suggested.

We agreed that we will discuss our progress informally at the next weekly dinner on Friday.

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Re: Guild meeting 14th December

Post  Ryleen on Wed Dec 16, 2009 4:29 am

Thanks a lot, Master Scribe Smile

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