Guild Meeting on 1st December 2008

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Guild Meeting on 1st December 2008

Post  Zanick on Sat Dec 06, 2008 2:15 pm

At the meeting were Gul'Zayne, Corigo, Chabat, Lyranne, Stargaazer, Gen'jin and myself. Ryleen joined us later.

Two orcs from the Bleeding Axe Clan, Gorthark and Krusg, came to our meeting to ask for aid against the House of Sylvanas and the new 'Blight' that has been created. They want all of the shamans and druids of the Horde to work together to find a cure. The Clearwater Tribe and the Greywolf Tribe have already pledged their support. Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne, Stargaazer and Gen'jin all agreed to help. Gorthark will contact Gul'Zayne directly to make the arrangements. This will be a good opportunity for the shamans of the Heritage to strengthen our ties with these tauren and orc tribes.

Gul'Zayne reported that Rezip is weak but mending after being freed from possession by an evil spirit last week. Stargaazer is much improved after her ordeal in captivity. She reported that she has been to Zul'Drak, drawn by the need of the Northrend trolls - the Drakkari. But Star and Gul'Zayne brought us bad news. They explained that the Drakkari have killed their Loa and that there is no hope for them.

Tahle, a troll who Corigo introduced to the guild a few weeks ago, came to our meeting once more. Tahle told us his tale. He used to be a spirit-seeker. When war came he fought to defend his home but he was killed. The enemy stole his body away and brought him back to life. Tahle found that the troll spirits had left him but a new voice now commanded him. This new commander was the Lich King! This means that Tahle was what many now call a 'death knight'.

The voice commanded Tahle for a long time until, in a battle with humans, Tahle fell again and was near death. Tahle then had a vision - the first vision since he was raised from death by the Lich King. The vision was of Hethiss, the Great Snake, who broke down the ice that surrounded him. When Hethiss did this, the Lich King's voice faded from his head. Other's were also freed on that same night, although they had different explanations for how they had been saved.

Tahle believes that it is by the will of Hethiss, the Snake Goddess, that he was redeemed and she wishes him to once more work for the cause of trolls.

Gul'Zayne explained that accepting Tahle was risky. Undeath is an abomination in the eyes of Loa Samdi, as Gen'jin pointed out. If the shamans of our guild allow Tahle to help us they risk angering the spirits and losing the power that the spirits give them. However, if it truly is the will of Hethiss that Tahle returns to the world of living trolls, then we should accept him. Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne and Corigo both voiced their belief that we should trust Tahle. So it was agreed that, although he will not be accepted as a full member of the Heritage, we should allow him to work with us.

Voodoo master Gul'Zayne told us that his mother, who had been a medicine wo'mon on the Echo Isles long ago, had asked him if the Heritage has a medicine wo'mon of our own. Gul'Zayne therefore suggested that, since Stargaazer has healing skills, she should be given the title Medicine Wo'mon. After some thought, Star accepted this title.

The orc, Rokalm, arrived to speak to us, but before he had the chance our meeting was interrupted. A troll named Gababa, a messenger for the Horde Expedition in the north, brought us the terrible news that Jimar is dead. According to Captain Zaor of the Second Honour Guard, Jimar was on a medical assignment in the Borean Tundra in the south-west of Northrend when he was attacked by a Scourge creature. It seems that the attack was so frenzied that not much of Jimar was left. Gababa brought us Jimar's remains in a box.

Instead of next week's meeting we will hold a funeral ritual to mark Jimar's passing on to the Afterworld.

Because of the tragic news about Jimar, Rokalm respectfully left us to deal with our grief. He assured us that the matters he wished to discuss will wait until another time.

Finally, Ryleen confirmed that Shadowtroll's spirit is still helplessly bound and she is able to be sure at all times that his spirit is safely contained.

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