Guild Meeting 14th June

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Guild Meeting 14th June

Post  Vypra on Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:24 pm

Guild Meeting 14th June

At the meeting were Kaz’jo, Chabat, Kaaljun, Guljun and Euphrati. We were later joined by Ryleen.

Before the meeting was underway, Kaal announced that he has been awarded a Horde Trauma Certificate in recognition of his first aid skills.

The First point of discussion was the rumoured proclamation issued by the House of Sylvanas regarding some new laws and punishments for said crimes on their territory.

The actual document has not been seen by any member of the Heritage but speculation and rumour suggests harsh sentences for those convicted.

Euphrati and Kaal both offered to attempt to obtain a copy of the document.

Next, it was acknowledged that Kaz’s hard work in clearing the ground set aside for crops means that we are now almost ready to start planting. Kaz needs a few extra hands to help him clear the final few large boulders so speak to him if you can spare some time.

We will want to plant things like tomatoes, carrots, wheat and pumpkins so the next task is to obtain some seeds or, plants already growing that can be transplanted.

Kaaljun raised the subject of a hidden tribe that a contact of his informed him of. Their valley is hidden and difficult to access but he was determined to find out whom these trolls are and if they might be friendly to us. He left immediately and kept us informed of his progress via the spirit-link.

Shortly after Kaal left, Ryleen arrived and, after Kaz has told us of his intention to establish a forge in the valley, she gave us more news of the activities of the House. Archnazg has ordered his people to take control of the venture company’s oil rig. This means we have the Forsaken right on our doorstep and must be extra careful if we plan to continue to sabotage the rig.

Ryleen’s contact in the House assured her that this venture is taking enough resource that the Forsaken will be unlikely to bother us unless they catch our people attacking the place.

How the Blood Pact views these activities by the House is not yet clear but Ryleen told us that she had been approached by a group called the Silent eye that have recently joined the pact and their leader, Kaylima, has agreed to keep Ryleen informed. Razéal has some concerns that the group maybe acting as double agents but we have little choice but to accept her help for the moment.

We also need to find out just how much we can rely on Rokalm. The mercenary leader is not aware that we know his true identity and it’s unsure whether this knowledge will change his behaviour towards us.

The Elf, Leamhan of the Ashen order also agreed to keep Ryleen up to date on the decisions of the pact and the other Order members, Vaali and Taupod can be trusted to help us too.

On the matter of who we can trust, Ryleen was quite adamant that we should all be more accepting of Razéal. He has felt that several of our members are less than polite to him when the Matriarch is not present and she is insistent that this behaviour stops.

Ryleen feels that he have more than adequately proved his loyalty and she expects us all to bear that in mind and treat him as a true member of the tribe.

Finally, Kaal’jun reported that he was successful in finding the hidden valley of the trolls in Winterspring. However, it turned out to be none other than the Shatterspear tribe who allowed Ryleen to hold her wedding with them. While nothing new was learned, the trip was still of some use as it will be good for us to re-establish contact with a friendly tribe.

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