Guild meeting 14th September

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Guild meeting 14th September

Post  Vypra on Tue Sep 15, 2009 12:23 pm

Guild meeting 14th September

At the meeting were Chabat, Taupod, Haradar, Ryleen, Gulízayne, Stargazer and Geníjin. We were later joined by Zanick.

As everybody was still arriving, a troll female approached us asking to join the Heritage. Zalíume told us a bit about herself and we all agreed that she should join the guild as an outsider.

Ryleen decided that our plan from last week to avoid direct confrontation with the House of Sylvanas was no longer an option. She told us of her duel with one member of the House and their subsequent invasion of Ratchet as a result of his death. She also felt it was time that we took back Corigo from them and so plans are now in place to take action this coming weekend.

However, she saw no reason to stop our campaign of curses to cause as many problems for the House as possible and asked that our voodoo experts help her with a strange amulet she had acquired.

There was also some debate as to what to do with hostage that was sent to us to secure the cease-fire prior to the ill-fated meeting with the House. Ryleen feels that the poor girl has been told all kinds of lies about what we would do to her and, as it seems that all members of the House seem to have some kind of strange attachment to her, it would be unwise to simply kill her while we hold perhaps the only thing in existence that they actually care about.

Stargazer reported that her injuries are now almost healed and more importantly, a memory has returned to her. She remembers some kind of machinery, though where she was and what the machine was for; are still a mystery.

Finally, should the opportunity arise, Ryleen would like Zalíume and Zanick brought up to date on everything that has been happening recently.

Once again, all guild members are reminded to stay in contact via the Spirit Link and relay any information about the House that may be of importance.

((managed to forget to send the chatlog to work so did it from memory. if i missed anything i'll edit later Razz ))

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