Guild Meeting 1st June

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Guild Meeting 1st June

Post  Vypra on Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:29 am

Guild Meeting 1st June

At the meeting were Stargazer, Chabat, Gul’Zayne, Djinja, Ryleen, Deyyania and Ros.

Deyy announced a memorial for her friend Quintilius. It will be a joyful celebration of his life and any who wish to attend are welcome to do whether they knew him or not. The celebration will be held on the last Sunday in June.

Ryleen told us of the scouting mission the she, Star and Zin’Zaljin carried out last week. They found little to confirm the suspicions of the Warsong Blades about humans staging attacks on the Horde from Theramore but Ryleen presented a report to the Blood Pact nonetheless.

The feeling of the Blades seemed to be that a pre-emptive strike against the Humans was long overdue, However, the Greywolves council patience and asked for the chance to confirm whether Theramore is actually party to the attacks or not.

The consensus of the guild was that we should help with further scouting missions to help determine the truth of this; thus fulfilling our obligation to the Blades while taking no direct action against the Humans will keep the peace with the Greywolf tribe.

Ryleen also reported that, after considering all the evidence found to date, it would seem that the Message left in the Hut may have been a mere distraction from some other activity. What the perpetrators actually hope to achieve is still a matter for speculation and Ryleen advised everybody to remain cautious.

In the interests of continuing to develop good relations with the Zandalar tribe, Ryleen and Stargazer set out for Zul’Gurub after the meeting to resume our commitment to disrupting the Gurubashi. Spirits willing, we will be able to send more of our number into battle against this threat in future.

((had to do this in a hurry and without reference to the chatlog so sorry if i missed anything))

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Re: Guild Meeting 1st June

Post  Ryleen on Tue Jun 02, 2009 11:35 am

It seems like you got everything. Smile

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