Guild meeting 8th March

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Guild meeting 8th March

Post  Vypra on Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:24 pm

Guild meeting 8th March

At the meeting were Stargazer, Chabat, Hadunka, Tambíjika, Ryleen and Jimar

As Sertah has still not been found, Ryleen lead the meeting.

First, Ryleen relayed the latest situation in regards to her children. Lady Desdimone of the House of Sylvanas has taken the children into her Home at Fenris keep where it seems the younglings have made something of an impression. Despite some misgivings, Ryleen feels this is the safest place for them until either somewhere more suitable can be found or they can return to the valley.

Sertahís current absence was briefly discussed but Tambíjikaís efforts to find her have so far been in vain. We were also without our usual Warsong observer and so Ryleen took the opportunity to discuss the matter of the leadership of the Heritage.

The original intention of Sertahís promotion was to fool the Blood Pact, and the Blades in particular, into believing that we supported Ryleenís punishment so as to prevent the rest of us suffering the same fate. Meanwhile, Ryleen was to retain leadership in all but name. However, there has been some contention between them recently and so, those who were present decided that we should stick to the original plan and have Sertah speak for the Heritage publicly, but have Ryleen remain our true leader.

Next, Stargazer informed us that she will soon undertake a spiritual pilgrimage to reconnect to the spirits and hopefully find her lost spirit companion, Ember. The journey is likely to take some weeks and while she communes with the spirits she will be out of touch with the link so we all took the opportunity to wish Star the best of luck.

Chabat gave a brief update on the war council held last week in Warsong Hold. The representatives from the Heritage; Zanick, Chabat and Tambíjika, were able to distract the Blades from the fact that we never got round to completing the mission that they set for us.

The detailed report from the Ashen Order and a disagreement between two senior members of the blades kept them from uncovering our bluff. There are extensive plans for the campaign that will be revealed at the next meeting so it would be well to have made sure we have something to tell them by then.

A more detailed account of the meeting will be available shortly.

With Starís impending absence and no other senior members available, Ryleen then ordered Chabat to be the representative of the Heritage until Sertah, or some other Master, returns.

Following this, Hadunka brought up the subject of continuing the reconstruction of the buildings in the valley. Ryleen decided that the village was our next priority and plans to ask her Elven friend, Lonny, to assist Hadunka with her engineering skills where required.

Finally, Chabat raised the issue of what to do with the Fetish recovered from ZulíDrak. It was decided to move the object to one of the cages in the North of the Valley where it should be safe until Sertah returns and is able to decipher how the magic works and how to control it.

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