Guild Meeting on 2nd March 2009

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Guild Meeting on 2nd March 2009

Post  Zanick on Wed Mar 04, 2009 12:57 am

At the meeting were Ryleen, Stargaazer, Chabat, Deyyania, Skeen, Gen'jin, Bwangoo, Tanuuka, Gonzzo and myself.

Gen'jin told us that he had invited a troll named Zeb'jin to join our guild. He warned us that he is one of the fallen ones. Even so, we look forward to meeting him.

Our meeting was then interrupted by the approach of a Forsaken and a troll. The Forsaken introduced himself as Weylon Grimshadow. He brought us news that Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne had taken part in a raid on a Scourge settlement two days before and he had been badly injured. A minion of the Scourge had bitten off a leg and an arm. Gul'Zayne is now being cared for by his mother. It is expected that he will fully recover, but such terrible wounds may need several months to heal and regenerate. We will pray that Loa Lukou will watch over the Flame Fury and speed his recovery.

After Weylon's departure, his companion introduced himself as Ryuzai. He explained that he had wanted to learn the ways of a witch doctor, but it seems the skills required to deal with the spirits elude him. So he is now training as a warrior and is in search of somewhere to fit in. We offered to accept him as an Outsider so that he could prove his worthiness to become a full member of our guild, and Ryuzai happily accepted.

We then debated how to respond to the letter I received from Haradar Glaivebreaker, the ambassador of the Warsong Blades. The letter demanded that we renounce the spear as a message from our guild and withdraw our 'ridiculous demands'. It was agreed that we should offer to investigate who sent them the spear as a message. But we should also warn them that, as Gen'jin said, the Heritage of Zandalar represents troll ideals, values and ways. In provoking us they give any troll a reason to 'throw a spear'.

I will write a letter in orcish and then discuss it with Primal Ryleen before it is sent to Haradar Glaivebreaker.

Following the meeting, a group of us set off for Stranglethorn Vale to fulfil our promise to the Zandalari trolls to fight against the cursed Hakkari that infest Zul'Gurub. We intend that this will be a regular event on the first moon-day of every month. If all goes well, we will not only improve our fighting skills but also increase our growing reputation with the Zandalari.

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