Guild Meeting on 9th March 2009

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Guild Meeting on 9th March 2009

Post  Zanick on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:44 pm

At this meeting were Chabat, Ryleen, Stargaazer, Djinja, Gonzzo, Gen'jin, Deyyania and myself.

A Sin'dorei who introduced himself as Adalan Odesterai came to our meeting to invite us to the annual Sunfury Ball. This event will start at the ninth hour of the evening on the twenty-first day of this month. The ball will be held in the Sunfury Spire, the palace of the Kings of Quel'thalas in Silvermoon City. Vypra will be hosting the food and drinks. The ball is not an events for guilds to attend, but individuals are welcome to go along if they wish.

I reported that there has so far been no reply from the Warsong Blades to the letter that I sent.

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