Guild meeting 16th Feb

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Guild meeting 16th Feb

Post  Vypra on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:52 pm

Guild meeting 16th Feb

At the meeting were Sertah, Yahsadin, Stargazer, Rava'jin, Hadunka, Zalume, Chabat and Tamb'jika.

Firstly, Sertah and Rava'jin recounted the details of the Elemental Accord and Rava shared his experience of being at the center of the Elemental energies raised by the shaman during the ritual.

With the spirits of the elements appeased, Sertah, Tamb'jika and Chabat set out to retrieve the materials needed to begin building our new home and, by a somewhat dangerous route, delivered them safely back to Antu'Rah.

Since then, Hadunka has already begun to make good use of the supplies by finishing the new rope bridges and begun laying the foundations for the huts.

Yahsadin mentioned that she had taken Mok and the other children to visit Ryleen. Despite the ominous surrounding, the younglings seemed happy to see her again, though Hadunka felt Mok was the only one who really grasped the situation and has been trying to keep the boy busy to prevent him dwelling on it.

Finally, now that we are able to take a more measured pace with the renovations in the Valley, it was time to consider our obligation to the Warsong Blades and the reconnaissance we must carry out in Ashenvale.

Sertah plans to undertake the mission during the height of the Lunar festival when she hopes most of the Night Elves will have made pilgrimage to Moonglade. The less Elves in the forest, the less chance we have of being caught and having to resort to bloodshed to achieve our goal.

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