Guild meeting on 16th June

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Guild meeting on 16th June

Post  Zanick on Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:41 pm

Here's a quick note to record what happened. [Note that the thread 'Chabat's Diary' in the Troll tales section has a better description of what went on at the meeting.]

For those that had not already heard, I mentioned Riju the Tanner, the new guild storeskeeper, who will look after our large stock of leather and hides.

I reported that I had not been contacted by Azhkir, the young troll hunter who had asked if she could rejoin our guild. I suspect that, since she had not contacted me, she had either changed her mind or else joined another guild, where perhaps they did not know about her 'questionable' activities.

I reminded everyone that Warlord Snicka was expected to return to Kalimdor within about ten-nights, if all has gone according to his plans. We all hope that the loa have kept him safe and will safeguard his homeward voyage.

Chabat reported that she might soon want to visit the library in the Scarlet Monastery to further her studies. We were able to assure her that guild members would be there to aid her whenever she wanted to go. I also reminded people that plans to investigate the Tower of Karazhan needed to continue. This is not something that we can rush into, but we need to press on with forming a group to venture inside. Gul'Zayne in particular expressed enthusiasm to take part.

Nothing else was discussed at the meeting itself, although Ryleen was distracted throughout. She had not seen or heard from Gando for several days and she had hoped that he would be at the meeting. Unfortunately he did not turn up. Deyyania was also clearly upset or preoccupied by something. She was accompanied to the meeting by two young female trolls, Stargaazer and Alturin (I think that second name is correct). But I never discovered why her troll friends were with her or exactly what was causing her distress.

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Re: Guild meeting on 16th June

Post  Lyranne on Tue Jun 24, 2008 12:24 pm

(( OOC, I think Star just wanted to see a meeting take place, though I can't be too sure )).

*You find this letter in amongst your usual ones, addressed simply to 'friend' . The handwriting is painstakingly neat and flowing, with long strands to each letter, making it almost look like intricate silken stitching on the parchment. There also appear to be a few water stains*

Greetings to my loving family. My apologies for my behaviour of late.
Nothing excusable was distracting me, I had allowed myself to be consumed by self doubt and hate.
I was frightened. I had reached my lowest ebb, I felt hopeless and lost.
It's funny really, how emotional pain can drive you to what you hate most.
I Lasped that night. I drank, and I was cruel,
It got so bad, I wanted to end it all.
I was a bitch for no reason, and can only say how grateful I am that I lost no friends.
People keep saying that I need focus, to help keep my mind off of the bad things, but it depends...
I really hope I can. I also hope that I don't destroy my friendship with any of you.
I love you all so much, and I acknowledge those words are past due.
The thought of isolating myself from you all,
Is one of the many reasons I'm fighting so much harder than it appears: I will not fall.
I'll be strong for you all, I promise that now.
And maybe, just maybe, I'll be strong for myself... Though I know not how.
Also apologies for not going into details about what exactly is the problem, but if you ask me directly, I'll try and explain.
I'll fight with myself, and suppress the pain.
I'll tell you all, and hold nothing back.
I'll await your response, and be prepared for any flack.
So at any rate, I hope this letter finds you well,
And I avow to never, I promise: no more to dwell.

(( And I have no reason for that being a poem. Apologies if it sucks. ))

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