Guild Meeting on 16th March 2009

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Guild Meeting on 16th March 2009

Post  Zanick on Thu Mar 19, 2009 10:48 pm

At the meeting were Chabat, Djinja, Ryleen, Gen'jin, Gonzzo, Ryuzai, myself and, later on, Deyyania.

Zul'Zayne, Gul'Zayne's uncle, came to our meeting to report on his nephew's progress. He informed us that Gul'Zayne is recovering well, with the help of Zul'Zayne's sister and Stargaazer.

While we were discussing this, two spirit-wolves approached our hut. They turned out to be two orc shamans of the Warsong Blades. The more senior one, Nazrug, explained that our show of strength in opposition to their actions had earned the respect of the Blades. Their leader, General Katalmach, now proposed an end to the hostility between our groups. To help seal this peace and to foster closer ties between us Nazrug asked us to help the Blades by carrying out scouting missions in Ashenvale. I accepted their offer of a new peace.

The younger orc was the ambassador, Haradar Glaivebreaker, who had negotiated with Ryleen on a previous occasion. Haradar clearly felt that he owed some greater debt to us because of Jimar. Much to Nazrug's surprise and to his obvious displeasure, Haradar offered to become our captive in payment of the debt he felt he owed.

However, after brief discussion using our Spirit-Link, we agreed that we had no wish to hold the orc as a captive, but that we would accept him as an Outsider so that he could temporarily join our guild to find out more about our ways. Ryleen suggested that she might like to join the Blades in a similar temporary arrangement to learn more from our orc comrades.

Nazrug then left to take the news of our acceptance of his proposal to his general. I will contact the Blades in due course to make arrangements for the scouting that is needed in Ashenvale.

We then welcomed Haradar to our guild. He explained that he had befriended Jimar when the troll was found by the Blades. He now felt remorse for what later happened to our witch-doctor.

Gen'jin performed the ritual to allow Haradar to join the Spirit-Link. Gen'jin also suggested that Haradar could start his time with us by helping him to prepare for his Shadowhunter Ritual. Haradar agreed to help Gen'jin to drive the naga from the sacred Nek'mani Wellspring in Stranglethorn Vale and collect the spring water that Gen'jin needs for his ritual. We also agreed that Haradar could be considered a 'Freethinker' among us - someone who holds different spiritual beliefs, but whose opposition to oppression and evil makes him an ally - in the tradition of the Zandalari.

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