Guild Meeting on 23rd March 2009

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Guild Meeting on 23rd March 2009

Post  Zanick on Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:34 pm

At this meeting were Chabat, Stargaazer, Gonzzo, Haradar Glaivebreaker, Ryleen and me (and later Deyyania).

Haradar reported that his general, Katalmach, was pleased with our response to his offer of peace between the Heritage and the Blades. The 'Alpha' of Ashenvale, Ukkla Bloodfist will contact us soon to discuss how we can aid them in scouting operations in the forest. I suggested that I would give a peace offering to General Katalmach. Just as our ancestors used to offer a fine weapon that would be buried to signify an end to hostilities, I will find a suitable axe as a gift for the leader of the Blades. Haradar agreed that this would be a suitable gesture.

It was reported that the Sunfury Ball was a success and there was no trouble. However there was one shock - our Witch Doctor, Jimar Zal'Zulu was there! He said that a loa had hidden his memories from him, but now they have returned. For some reason, though, Jimar seemed to think that he shouldn't return to us. Ryleen said that she intends to find out why.

Deyyania has gone away to fast and meditate, hoping to be chosen by a loa who will then be her patron. If she is successful she will speak to Vypra, who has promised to help her in the rituals that would follow. Ryleen will also speak to Vypra so that she too can progress with finding a patron loa. Once these rituals are complete we must make the arrangements for Deyy's Bloodsister Ritual. Ryleen suggested that the ritual should be followed by a big party on Yojamba Isle, and everyone agreed!

Just then, Deyy herself arrived at our meeting. She told us that she has made some progress in finding her patron loa, but she wants to speak to Vypra about her experiences before revealing anything to us.

We were then visited by the orc shaman, Rokalm. He explained that he wishes to find a way to redeem his honour and he has decided that the way to do this will be to join our guild and prove his worth to us. Many of the members were hesitant about letting an orc, and Rokalm in particular join our guild. Haradar also clearly had reservations. However, it was Deyyania that was most spirited in questioning Rokalm's motives. In fact, we saw a fiery and feisty Deyy that we had not seen for many months!

But Rokalm was equally spirited in his own defence. In the end it was agreed amongst the officers of the guild that he would be allowed to join as an Outsider, and that Shadowhunter Gen'jin would set him tests to find out if he was truly trustworthy and honourable. Rokalm's position and role within our guild, if he proves himself, will be discussed at a later date. But with Haradar only with us temporarily, it may benefit us to have an orc shaman amongst our ranks.

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