Guild Meeting 8th Feb

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Guild Meeting 8th Feb

Post  Vypra on Tue Feb 09, 2010 1:08 pm

Guild Meeting 8th Feb

At the meeting were: Zalume, Hadunka, Chabat, Stargazer, Tamarah, Tamb男ika, Ravajin, Sertah and our newcomers Nabu男in and Vulzar.

The first task of the evening was to welcome our newest applicants to the guild. Nabu男in and Vulzar briefly introduced themselves and Chabat joined them both to the Spirit Link.

Sertah then reminded us all of the ritual that will take place on Friday. The Primal and other shaman will attempt to balance the elemental spirits of Antu坦ah so that they will accept our presence in the valley.

People are welcome to come and witness this ceremony as its success will mean we will be able to go forward with our plans to extend the temporary camp and begin rebuilding the villages. Hadunka has been working on the camp and has been able to replace one of the rather rickety rope bridges with something a little more stable.

Next, Sertah gave us a briefing on the decisions from the latest Blood Pact meeting. The Warsong Blades are stepping up their operations in Ashenvale and have requested that the Heritage takes part in the scouting missions to obtain information that may be useful for the coming military campaign.

We will be working with the Elves of the Everlasting Sun in this which will be something of challenge as their opinions of us seem to be unfavourable.

However, it is important to do our best to work well with them as our best chance for avoiding unnecessary bloodshed is to gather the intelligence quickly and quietly. The following offensive should be against military targets only as I知 sure the Orcs will see no honour in needlessly attacking civilians and, fortunately, the House of Sylvanas seems not to be involved in these plans.

Should this campaign go well, it will go a long way to restoring the trust of the Blades in the Heritage as allies and our loyalty to the Horde should no longer be in question.
The Primal reminded us all that, should we be asked, our Warlord was acting to her own agenda in defending the Humans of Southshore and that the Heritage does not support her.

While it will be hard to see our Warlord disgraced in the eyes of the Blood Pact, we must remember that the House of Sylvanas would much rather see Ryleen executed and the Heritage punished as well. We cannot allow Archnazg that victory.

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