Guild meeting on 4th May

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Guild meeting on 4th May

Post  Zanick on Mon May 12, 2008 8:39 pm

Just a quick note to record what happened at the meeting.

Ryleen introduced a tauren druid named Denrai. We questioned him about his skills and about how he followed the path of the Earthmother. He was interested in joining the Heritage as a tauren emissary. He answered all of our questions boldly and sincerely and, as there were no objections, Denrai was welcomed into the guild with the rank of Emissary. If he proves himself worthy, he should be a valuable addition to our strength.

This was the only significant topic discussed at the meeting (if my memory serves me correctly). But readers should be aware that later events may have changed things . . .

Steward of the Guild

FOOTNOTE: If anyone wants to write a note about what was discussed at a guild meeting, instead of waiting for Zanick to do it (often just before the next meeting!), please feel free. Other members should of course add to the notes if anything is missed or recorded incorrectly. Big 'tanks!

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