Guild meeting 7th September

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Guild meeting 7th September

Post  Vypra on Tue Sep 08, 2009 12:18 pm

Guild meeting 7th September

At the meeting were Ryleen, Haradar, ‘Ros, Taupod and Chabat.

Ryleen started the meeting with some announcements. The first was that the Tauren, Taupod, has joined the Heritage as her new Champion while we are in conflict with the House.

Next she informed us that she has named Gen’jin as the new Primal.

As some of us were already aware, the meeting of guilds to try and settle things between us and the House was unsuccessful. The House were already going ahead with their plan to enslave Corigo’s spirit and reanimate his body to attack us. Ryleen and Gen’jin travelled to the Undercity to confront the leaders of the House and were joined by Haradar…but they were too late to stop Corigo being defiled.
The House commanded Corigo to attack his old friends and Ryleen barely escaped with her life.

All we can hope to do for Corigo now is free his spirit from enslavement. ‘Ros will be working on a way to do this and there is always the risk that Corigo’s spirit will be lost but we cannot allow him to remain under the control of the House.

Due to his going far beyond what would be expected of an emissary in the confrontation in Undercity, Haradar is no longer to be counted as an outsider. He took his oath before us and has now earned the right to be a Kindred of the Heritage.

Ryleen then told us of a more peaceful contact from the House. Lady Daidrax had arranged to meet with our Warlord to discuss a favour she owed from a previous encounter. However, Her leader, Lady Raszanath, tracked her down and accused her of betraying her guild and pronounced a death sentence upon her. In return for sanctuary, Daidrax agreed to give Ryleen information. While it’s entirely likely that this may all be some elaborate plot by the House, Ryleen seems certain she can make use of the opportunity presented by having one of them on hand to answer any questions even if those answers are lies.

Daidrax was not only the only one that sought Ryleen out. Master Haelas Dawnshade, a powerful magic user, confronted her and demanded that our ‘hostage’ was treated well. The fact that he promptly returned to a discussion of arcane theory as soon as he was satisfied is a prime example of how disturbed the minds of the House members truly are.

Ryleen asked that we continue our assault on the House by means of Hexes and stealth. Open conflict is not an option due to their superior numbers but as ‘Ros pointed out, our most potent weapon is the Voodoo and they have little defence against that.

Our ultimate goal is to take retribution for what was done to Lyranne and Corigo. Ideally this would be against Lady Raszanath and Lord Archnazg, the current and former leaders of the House. While this seems a difficult goal, Haradar pointed out that it may be possible to persuade some ambitious House member to betray their leaders for the chance to take power for themselves.

Finally, Stargazer still has not regained her memories of how she was kidnapped and who by. Gul’Zayne planned to help her with this and with her recovery but as neither of them were present at the meeting it is not clear whether there has been any progress.

Once again, we are all reminded to stay in touch via the spirit link and keep each other updated on any new developments.

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