Guild Meeting 27th September

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Guild Meeting 27th September

Post  Vypra on Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:30 pm

Guild Meeting 27th September

At the meeting were Chabat, Hadunka, Ryleen, Lahni, Ravajin, Razťal, Geníjin and Snicka. We were also joined by Thugha.

Much of the meeting was taken up with the return of Snicka. Geníjin informed us of how he had found our former Warlord, heavily wounded and in need of help.

Snicka then took up the tale and told us of his ordeal, first in the North, then at the hands of a Goblin pirate captain after which, Ryleen explained to him how the Heritage has fared in the years since his disappearance.

Next, Ryleen updated us on the situation with the Darkspear tribe. Volíjinís plan to finally re-take the echo isles and defeat Hexmaster Zalazane has been a success. However, there is still much to do before the tribe can resettle the islands. Ryleen asked for volunteers to go to Seníjin village and offer our help in clearing out the last of Zalazaneís mindless slaves. Those who wish to help should report to Hadunka or Ravajin.

Thugha then reported that the House of Sylvanas plans to attack Stormwind. So we should not be alarmed by any reports of increased military activity on their part. Also, it seems the Dwarves of Ironforge will be launching an offensive on Hillsbrad. The Horde are aware of this and are preparing to meet them so Heritage members are advised to stay out of the area.

Finally, Hadunka briefed us on the progress with our construction projects. The water system is now up and running and the Alchemist Lab is nearly finished.

((Despite the notes appearing to be quite brief, this was quite a long meeting. The way meeting minutes are written however, doesn't really allow for all the detail to be given. If those who were absent want to see more detail, just say so and i'll post the logs))

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