Guild Meeting on 8th September 2008

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Guild Meeting on 8th September 2008

Post  Zanick on Thu Sep 11, 2008 12:41 am

Attendees: Chabat, Stargaazer, Gorico, Ryleen, Gando, Gul'Zayne, Lyranne, Nenya, myself (and later Snicka)

With Warlord Snicka still away on business, I started the meeting by providing an update on the Blood Pact. Just as we expected, the self-styled Dark Lord of the House of Sylvanas, Archnazg Magnark, has refused to discontinue all research into the creation of Death Knights. This was the condition that we insisted upon before we would join the Blood Pact. The Warsong Blades replied to my letter, but only to say that they were occupied with other urgent business for the moment.

Nenya announced that the House of Sylvanas has openly attacked members of the Alliance and the Horde in the past week. As a result, it seems that there are plans for an Alliance attack on the Undercity. Nenya has befriended Tassel, the Elder Warden of the Greywolf Tribe. News of the planned attack came from a night elf who visited the Greywolves last night.

Following attendance by some of our members at one of the Scarlet Moon's guild meetings a week ago, Seidra, their leader seems to consider us hostile to them. Nevertheless, discussions are continuing with their appointed emissary, Drethidor, about possibly joining with them in a coalition called the Kalimdor Defenders. Ryleen agreed to invite Drethidor to our next guild meeting.

Despite the irritating presence of an oafish undead fellow, we discussed the possibility of forming an alternative coalition of our own. Our long-time friends, the Greywolf Tribe, would be obvious candidates. The orcs of the Warsong Blades might also be persuaded to join us instead of any alliance with the House of Sylvanas. The bonds of kinship within the Horde that the trolls, and especially the Darkspears, share with the orcs are stronger than with any other race. What's more, the orcs were particularly horrified about the summoning of infernals in Horde territory by the House of Sylvanas at the confrontation at Sen'jin Village. If these guilds could be persuaded to join us, perhaps the Ashen Order would join our coalition too.

During this discussion our meeting was interrupted by the alarm raised by the Sen'jin Watchers. When we investigated we discovered a motley group of a dozen or so humans, night elves, gnomes and at least one dwarf standing on the road just west of the village. With them was a troll who appeared to be acting as an interpreter. At least some of the group seemed to be dressed as pirates. The parley that followed was slow and difficult. It seems that this disparate group was warning us that Alliance troops planned to launch an attack on Stranglethorn Vale in three days time. They wanted our help to prevent these troops from gaining control of the Vale.

They boasted that a very large and powerful Alliance force was expected and that they needed as much help as possible. Such attacks have taken place before, resulting in the Alliance occupying most of northern Stranglethorn. But they have never managed to keep hold of these gains for longer than a day. Exactly why this group opposed the Alliance was not made clear.

At this point Warlord Snicka arrived to lead our discussions with these visitors. Some of their number kept roaming about, however, and several times got close enough to the village to be challenged by the Watchers. In one such skirmish one of them severely wounded Lar Prowltusk. Eventually, unable to convince us to aid them, they left. Fortunately Gul'Zayne was able to heal Lar.

If what we have been told is true, the Alliance attack on Stranglethorn is due to take place on four-day ((Thursday)) this week at the seventh hour of the evening. We may need to help defend Grom'gol Outpost and Yojamba Isle. Of course, this may just be a trick to lure us to Stranglethorn when our help is needed elsewhere . . .

Once the meeting resumed, Stargaazer related her sad tale of what happened to her a while ago in Thunder Bluff. She agreed to let Emeline (a female Forsaken who had helped Chabat to escape from the evil mage Tivak), do a ritual of protection on her. She went with Emeline into the mountains north of Thunder Bluff. There she gave Star something to drink that made her feel dizzy and sleepy. Stargaazer then felt Emeline sting her belly with some sort of injector and Star was immediately in a lot of pain. Fortunately two tauren, Liontooth and Chowlawu, turned up. Star thinks that they must have chased Emeline away before taking her to Thunder Bluff for help. Here she was helped to recover, although her unborn child was sadly lost.

This news merely confirms our fears: the female Forsaken, Emeline, is an enemy of our guild, and she will be added to the Red List. All members should be wary of her, and should help to ensure that she is captured and prevented, by whatever means, from continuing her evil ways.

Our Voodoo Master, Gul'Zayne, advised Stargaazer to seek a patron Loa from whom she could draw strength and guidance. He suggested that she undertake a ceremony to bind herself to this Loa, as Chabat is preparing to do. Encouraged by Chabat, Stargaazer agreed to discuss this further with Gul'Zayne in the days to come.

Finally, it was decided to send a letter to the Greywolf Tribe or to go to their next meeting on sun-day evening to discuss the possibility of forming some sort of coalition with them.

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Re: Guild Meeting on 8th September 2008

Post  Barzovia on Sat Sep 13, 2008 12:23 am

Alliance in my Stranglethorns? Shocked

Thank god that I hid my stash of wine well.

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