Guild Meeting on 23rd September 2008

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Guild Meeting on 23rd September 2008

Post  Zanick on Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:09 pm

Attendees: Lyranne, Chabat, Gando, Ryleen, Stargaazer, Garsarokk, Zakirma and myself.

Because of a warning of an assassination attempt on Warlord Snicka, and so as not to draw potential assassins to Sen'jin and further add to the problems there, the meeting was held in the inn at Camp Taurajo.

I read out the letter that I had received the day before from Graanshakuun, Battle Elder, Elder of Secrets and Inquisitor of the Warsong Blades. In his letter he warned that at the meeting on third-day there would be an attempt to assassinate Snicka by some group called the Underground Syndicate. No-one at our meeting had heard of this group and no-one had seen Warlord Snicka for several days.

Several of those at the meeting had not heard about the recent events in Sen'Jin village. It seems that, some time after the Alliance attack on Sen'Jin, when several groups came to help defend the village (including the House of Sylvanas), many of the villagers became very sick.

A few days ago I visited Sen'Jin with Snicka and Gul'Zayne. Snicka's raptor was also showing signs of illness; it was unsteady on its feet and its eyes and tongue were a strange colour. In the village we checked the food supplies. We were able to prove that the meat supplied by my uncle, Hai'Zan, was not the cause of the sickness.

Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne then offered to conduct a ritual to ask the Spirits to show him what had happened. In Hai'Zan's hut, Gul'Zayne went into a spirit trance that lasted many hours. I have not seen Gul'Zayne since then to find out if he discovered anything about the sickness. If anyone sees Gul'Zayne, please ask him about it and also tell him that our tauren emissary, Deras has offered his help.

We also noted that no-one has seen Jimar for some days. Lyranne perhaps saw him last, several days ago in Thunder Bluff. Jimar is no doubt safe and sound, but all members are asked to look out for him.

Next, I mentioned my suggestion for a treaty of mutual defence with the Greywolf Tribe, the Bleeding Axe Clan and the Clearwater Tribe. I have written a letter that could be sent to each of the leaders of these groups. My proposal is to call it the Jade Covenant, so-called because the oath of alliance would be inscribed on four pieces of fine Stranglethorn jade. One piece would be given to each of the leaders. The letter is in the guild bank in Orgrimmar [actually the thread 'A New Covenant?' in the Friends & Enemies section of this forum] for members to look at and make comments.

Ryleen commented that the treaty should not exclude other races from joining. The treaty itself does not exclude blood elf or Forsaken groups from joining at a later time. But the letter stresses the common ground we share with orcs and tauren, hoping to encourage these particular groups to join with us. Once Snicka has had a chance to consider this proposal, we will decide whether or not to go ahead with this treaty.

Ryleen then informed us that she had recently met our enemy, Shadowtroll, at the brewfest camp outside Orgrimmar. In the ensuing fight Ryleen was slightly hurt, but the villain Shadowtroll managed to get away.

At about this time we heard a yell from outside the inn that sounded very much like Shadowtroll himself. When we went outside to investigate, we encountered Shadowtroll, who was shortly joined by an orc, similarly wearing the flamboyant garb of a pirate. They both seemed to have been drinking and they claimed to be in Camp Taurajo only for 'sight-seeing'. After many rambling boasts and threats and demands for rum, Shadowtroll departed. This left his crew-mate to continue a disjointed tirade of abuse, accusation and incoherent mumblings. This orc, Imiktor, was soon joined by another orc, who looked to be from the same group of 'pirates'. At one point, Imiktor even seemed to be accusing our orc emissary, Astroth of murdering someone in the Great Arena.

Before long the orc Rokalm arrived. We confronted him about Shadowtroll's supposedly coincidental presence in Camp Taurajo and Lyranne also informed him of Shadowtroll's threats to her just before the Alliance attack on Sen'Jin last week. Rokalm seemed bewildered. He repeatedly claimed that he was acting in our best interests, but, once again, he gave us no confidence that he has the ability to keep Shadowtroll away from us.

By this time our confrontations and heated discussions had made a stir in sleepy Camp Taurajo. Rokalm eventually rode off and, although the orc Imiktor seemed keen to continue his accusations against Lyranne in particular, nothing was to be gained from staying. So we ended the meeting and left.

Primal of the Guild

Note: I spoke to Snicka using the Spirit Talk later on that moon-day evening. He informed me that there will be a meeting of several guild leaders on third-day this week in Kargathia Keep in Ashenvale. Clearly this was the meeting that Graanshakuun was referring to in his warning letter. I advised Snicka of the warning about an assassination attempt by the Underground Syndicate, who Snicka had not heard of either. We will wait to see what happens on third-day evening . . .

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Re: Guild Meeting on 23rd September 2008

Post  Vypra on Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:32 pm

(( Snicka didn't get online and invite Vyp to tonights meeting, is there somebody who is going that she can 'bump into' to find out about it? She's nosy so she'll turn up even without a direct invite but i can't really have her just turn up when she hasn't even heard about please, somebody, just mention it in passing ...please! ))

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