Guild Meeting on 15th September 2008

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Guild Meeting on 15th September 2008

Post  Zanick on Fri Sep 19, 2008 8:13 pm

Attendees: Ryleen, Djinja, Gorico, Chabat, Garsarokk, Gul'Zayne, Lyranne, Snicka, Zakirma and myself.

Ryleen reported that she, Lyranne and Garsarokk went to see the Greywolf Tribe. They gave a positive response to the suggestion of an alliance with us. Gorthark of the Bleeding Axe Clan is also interested. Gorthark suggested that we might also consider the Clearwater Tribe, led by Ishamuhale.

Our meeting was then interrupted by an orc shaman named Rokalm who Snicka knows. He informed us that, on Thrall's orders, he is investigating the 'disturbances' between the Ashen Order, House of Sylvanas, Bleeding Axe Clan, Greywolf Tribe and ourselves.

Rokalm was particularly interested to hear about Snicka's meeting with Shadowtroll in Ratchet on fifth-day night. This came as a surprise to most of us, because we believed that Gando had killed Shadowtroll in a duel in the Great Arena in Stranglethorn the previous week. When he met Snicka, Shadowtroll claimed that he had killed Astroth, our orc emissary, because he was a friend of Gando. (But we later learned that Astroth was only badly wounded.)

Shadowtroll boasted that he planned to sever all aid to our guild by killing our emissaries and getting us a bad reputation. Shadowtroll then tried to kill Snicka. Fortunately Rokalm was on hand to heal our warlord, who was then able to go to Thunder Bluff to consult with Ryleen and Gando.

Rokalm claims that he will keep Shadowtroll away from the members of our guild. This is not just to protect us but also to protect Shadowtroll, who, he claims, is involved in important work in the defence of Orgrimmar! Rokalm also announced that he intends to speak to Gando about the duel that he fought with Shadowtroll.

Not surprisingly, Rokalm was given a frosty reception in the meeting. He suggested that Gando might be held accountable for his attack on Shadowtroll, even though Gando fought an honourable duel when challenged by that villain. When asked how Shadowtroll had returned to life, Rokalm claimed that it was not by means of voodoo, although the orc seemed to know little about this type of magic. Similarly he would not say how he proposed to keep us and Shadowtroll apart.

After Rokalm left, Snicka repeated that Shadowtroll is an enemy of our guild and is to be killed on sight. But all members should take care: Shadowtroll is a devious and powerful foe.

A new member, a young hunter called Tyllia, had waited patiently throughout these discussions. But just when she was telling us about her upbringing by those who are not trolls, the meeting was interrupted once more, this time by Shadowtroll himself!

In the ensuing confusion, Shadowtroll attacked and wounded both Ryleen and Zakirma before escaping from the village. Fortunately Lyranne quickly took control of healing and protecting them. With the possibility of Shadowtroll still lurking somewhere near, and since it was our presence that had drawn Shadowtroll to Sen'Jin, it was decided to end the meeting.

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