Guild meeting on 1st September 2008

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Guild meeting on 1st September 2008

Post  Zanick on Tue Sep 02, 2008 8:15 pm

Attendees: Nenya, Lyranne, Garsarokk, Ryleen, Gando, Gul'zayne, Astroth, Skeen, Chabat and myself.

Warlord Snicka was unable to be at the meeting, but he spoke to me two days before and gave me a list of things to be discussed.

The meeting started with some shocking news about Stargaazer. Lyranne informed us that some vile woman had injected something into Star while she was in Thunder Bluff. Lyranne and a tauren shaman did all that they could do to help her but Star's unborn baby was lost. It was agreed that we should speak to the tauren in Thunder Bluff, and ask the help of the Greywolf Tribe, to try to find out who the evil woman is.

With the recent news that the evil Forsaken mage Tivak is dead, it seems that the motives of his 'assistant', a female known as Emeline, remain uncertain. With this in mind, Emeline is the prime suspect in the attack on Star. We all need to try to find Emeline and learn the truth.

Amidst our anger and wrath at this attack on one of our own, our thoughts are also with Stargaazer. We pray to the loa, and especially Loa Lukou, Mother of Compassion, the Gentle Loa of Healing and Restfulness, to aid Star at this difficult time . . .

Ryleen then gave us an account of Tivak's death: Vypra had a vision about Tivak's hiding place. With this knowledge, Vypra, Chowlawu, Liontooth and Gellion set out to hunt him. By chance, Ryleen heard about this from a girl in Thunder Bluff and so she set off to follow them. When Ryleen caught up with the group, Vypra had been severely wounded. Ryleen stayed to tend to Vypra's injuries. Meanwhile Liontooth and Gellion found Tivak.

In the ensuing battle Gellion was badly injured and Tivak fled. Catching up with the others, Ryleen and Chowlawu were able to find Tivak but they needed to go back to help Gellion. To try to prevent the evil mage from escaping again, Ryleen ruined one of Tivak's legs. Ryleen then made a portal for Chowlawu to fetch help for Gellion.

Despite his wounds, Tivak managed to limp away. Ryleen and Liontooth pursued him through Feralas until they finally cornered him in some ruins. Once again there was a battle, but this time Tivak was defeated. With his dying breaths Tivak betrayed his former allies. He said that Lord Archnazg has samples of a disease that Tivak used as an experiment on Chabat. He also told of the antidote, which should now be in the safe-keeping of the Greywolf Tribe. Finally, Tivak produced a letter stating that his assistant, Emeline, had worked for him willingly. Liontooth now has this letter.

How much we can trust the words of the trickster Tivak remains to be seen. But we still need to seek out Emeline. We also need to investigate if this 'antidote' is truly the cure that Chabat needs.

After the news about such momentous events, the normal business of the meeting seemed a little mundane. But the other matters concerning our guild must go on.

After much discussion and deliberation, Warlord Snicka has decided that our guild will join the Blood Pact (along with the Ashen Order, Warsong Blades and the House of Sylvanas). We feel that our guild would do better within the Blood Pact than outside it. However, our participation is dependent upon getting a promise from Lord Archnazg of the House of Sylvanas that his guild will cease all activities relating to trying to create 'Death Knights' and other dark experiments such as this.

We are naturally suspicious that, even if he makes such a promise, Archnazg may continue with these activities. As our Forsaken emissary, Nenya has been trying to find out all that she can about 'Death Knights' and the House's dark plans. So far this investigation has revealed little, but Nenya agreed to keep trying.

The other group that our guild has been invited to join is the Kalimdor Defenders, a coalition with the Scarlet Moon. It seems likely that joining them would not be viewed as acceptable by our prospective Blood Pact partners. Nevertheless Snicka wants to wait until he returns before making a final decision about this. Ryleen reported on a meeting the previous day with Seidra, the leader of the Scarlet Moon, held in Winterspring. It seems that the meeting was not very successful and that Seidra was far from convincing in the discussions about the proposed coalition between our guilds.

However, Ryleen later received a letter from another member of the Scarlet Moon, called Drethidor. Whilst making apologies for his leader's performance at the meeting, Drethidor has suggested further discussions. Ryleen also mentioned some gossip about Seidra perhaps having a very short temper and brutally punishing any perceived disrespect or disobedience amongst his guild. Until Snicka's return, Ryleen agreed to continue talks with Drethidor and the Scarlet Moon to get more information about their proposals.

We also need to discuss membership in both the Blood Pact and the Kalimdor Defenders with our long-time allies the Greywolf Tribe. It seems likely that the Greywolves may not wish to join the Blood Pact, but if we should join we do not want this to cause a rift between ourselves and the Greywolves.

We formally welcomed Astroth, an orc who has joined our guild, although currently only with the rank of Outsider. Upon his return Snicka himself will discuss further with Astroth about possibly becoming our first Orcish Emissary.

Another Outsider who has only recently joined us is Garsarokk. Several of our members spoke in support of welcoming him fully into our guild, stating that he had already accompanied them to the meeting with the Scarlet Moon. Garsarokk then said the guild oath and was formally promoted to Kindred. We all trust that his association with the Heritage will be long and beneficial.

We briefly discussed the Warlord's reorganisation of the Officer ranks within the guild. In the absence of any other willing candidates, and in recognition of the great service that he has already given to our guild, Gul'zayne was formally given the Officer ranks of both Master of Voodoo and Master of the Lore. We feel sure that Gul'Zayne will fill these roles excellently.

Both Rezip and Gando were suggested for the role of Battlemaster. Because Rezip was not at the meeting this shall be discussed further at a later date.

So the meeting ended with much for all of us to do.

Primal of the Guild

Note: After the meeting I sent letters to General Yrjial Stormscream of the Ashen Order, Speatus of the Warsong Blades and Lord Archnazg of the House of Sylvanas to state our decision on joining the Blood Pact. I also sent a letter to Seidra of the Scarlet Moon to explain that our decision must await the return of our Warlord.

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