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Preparing for travel Empty Preparing for travel

Post  Kaz'jo on Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:39 pm

A girl is sitting in the little camp alone, a bit away from everyone. She is thinking. It's the first time she ever volunteered to do something that big - hold a hunting party and then oversee preparing the prey for travel. Many people doing what she tells them to... she feels proud, but also afraid. What if nobody will arrive? Or nobody will do what she tells them to? If there will be any problems?
On the other side, she's a Kindred now. People will require from her not to fail and do her best. And so she will.
With a confident smile, Ziri grabs her bow and disappears between the trees and cliffs.

This saturday at 18:30 will be held a mini-event. The Heritage needs to gather supplies for a travel and prepare them for it. The event will be mostly about hunting, but if you're not a hunter, don't worry! There will be a lot to do. Preparing the camp, looking for wood, fetching tools and finally preparing the meat and everything else for the days of traveling through Desolace. There will be job (and some food free!) for everyone.
Everyone is more than welcome to participate. Even better - the more arrives, the merrier all the event will be. Let's have some fun RP!
(Guests from other guilds are welcome too, as long as they won't try to ruin the event.)

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