The last bit of travel to Shatterspear ...

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The last bit of travel to Shatterspear ...

Post  Hadunka on Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:12 am

During the evening of Saturday the Heritage of Zandalar set of for the last leg of their travel to Shatterspear village. Unfortunately was Ry’jin injured by a light sprain earlier during the day and choose to stay behind. She would join them later as Hadunka would come back for her. To help her keep safe he ordered his panther, Caithhan, to stay behind and guard Ryleen. The hope lived that a home, if only temporary, there were to be found in Shatterspear.

Darkshore is a dangerous place with twilight cultists, murlocks, fulbogs and Night elves, as well as the indigenous wild life. For safety had the rout bin scouted out before hand and a plan devised to make it as safe as possible. To avoid Twilight cultists as well as Fulbogs attention was the way by the shore taken until a safe pas could be taken inlands to meet with the ancient woodland guardians. These trees that are allied with the night elf was the heritage hoping to receive safe passage from to their destination.

The initial contact with the guardians was a success and the woodland guardian seemed curios and surprised that a troll would try to talk and not burn. Nimnir was the one under Had’nkas supervision chosen to talk to the Guardian. Nimnir did al the talking wile the tribe talked over the spirit link to give support to him. But as talk went on it was clear that trolls were not welcome in Darkshore. The damage don by other trolls in both warfare as well as traitorous behaviour was too great. It was assumed this was referring to the trolls with the “green pigs” (orcs) in Ashenvale. The tree was gracious enough to let the heritage leave without any aggression because they had tried to talk first rather than burn.

The road went on along the shoreline with some difficulties. When needing to cross a stream was Nimnir sent out first tied to a rope, But he got swept of his feat and injured in his head. The injury was not sever, especially for a troll, but made him unconscious and les helpful for the rest of the trip.

As they ventured further and went in to the woodlands, was a troll discovered hiding with deadly wounds behind a tree. He introduced himself as Tahye a Shatterspear troll, and a survivor.

He told a tale of how the horde had contacted the Shatterspears offering friendship, as well as aid. The leader of the Shatterspears was reluctant at first, but after a long meeting with the horde representatives she agreed. It al started well with recourses and food the Shatterspears was not used to and some of it they never seen before, it seemed to be all good.
But then the demands came.

The orcs forced the Shatterspears to go in to the ancient highborn ruins of Darkshore to dig up artefacts for the horde. The ruins are sacred to the night elf and it angered them. The Shatterspears were forcefully driven away by the elves. The orcs did not accept that and forced the trolls back to work with guards. The guards were there both to ward against the night elves well as to force the trolls to work even harder and in shifts.

It al ended with a massive final assault by the night elves that obliterated the Shatterspear village and its villagers.

The brave Shatterspear troll that warned the heritage was to severely injured to survive, and after saying their thanks the heritage helped him pas honourably to Bwam’samdi and his waiting family.

The hope of a safe haven in Shatterspear was shattered and al that was left to do was to return to the previous camp. The body of the Shatterspear was brought with to get a proper burial.

((Sorry it took so much time before I posted this. Sins this have the heritage moved to cliffwalker post in stone talon mountains. To go there you nee to do the quest chain in the aria starting in Ashenvale Silverwing refuge. This is due to phasing that allows us to be in a empty village that from the beginning is full of tauten and some orcs. IC was it discovered last time we were in STM and was now used as a fall-back point when we IC lost the Shatterspear option.))

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