Guild meeting on 18th August

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Guild meeting on 18th August

Post  Zanick on Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:39 am

This was an eventful meeting . . .

In attendance were Snicka, Chabat, Stargaazer, Gul'zayne, Gen'jin, Ryleen, Djinja and myself. A troll mage friend of Djinja was also present; more about her later.

Here is a short summary of what happened at the meeting . . . and afterwards.

We were told about Gen'jin's nephew. Gen'jin has been caring for him ever since they came to Durotar because the boy's parents were both killed. Gen'jin told us that his nephew is impatient and reckless and now he has left the tribe to travel the world. Gen'jin is very worried about him.

Snicka told us about an elven captive. After the Horde Jamboree that took place two days ago on the bank of the Southfury River just north of Ratchet, a blood elf named Malicestrom, a member of the House of Sylvanas, voluntarily became our captive. He has made sure that his guild believes that we captured him. The intention is to exchange Malicestrom for our enemy, the evil Forsaken mage, Tivak. A delegation from the House of Sylvanas is expected at the ninth hour (straight after our guild meeting).

Snicka questioned me (Zanick) about a service for Shadowtroll that I performed which has now put him in my debt. I explained that it was a straightforward matter of helping him find someone. By some good fortune I was able to do this small task. I reckoned that it might prove to be useful to have Shadowtroll owe us a favour. It seems that Shadowtroll wishes to be present at the exchange later this evening.

Ryleen reported that Deyyania is missing. Using the Spirit Talk she was able to learn from Deyy that she was in a dark and cold place, that she was thirsty and that she didn't know where she was. But she has heard nothing from Deyy for several days. Ryleen has searched for her but with no luck so far. Anyone with any news about Deyy should contact Ryleen immediately.

In recognition of the many things that she has done within our guild, Ryleen was promoted to Witch Doctor. She is also our new Guild Treasurer. Gando is also to be promoted but he was not present at the meeting, so Warlord Snicka performed the ritual for Ryleen alone.

Ryleen then told us that Tivak's soul shard is gone. Since our Forsaken emissary Nenya was unable to advise her about the soul shard, Ryleen took it to a warlock friend who had specialist knowledge of such things. Unbeknownst to Ryleen, this friend had been possessed by a demon for some time. The demon took the shard and Ryleen fought it. Ryleen won (although at the cost of some severe wounds) and the demon was destroyed. However, her friend's link to the demon was so strong that the friend also died. Now both Ryleen's friend and Tivak's soul shard are lost. In the battle with the demon Ryleen lost both fingers on her left hand. Gando is attending to her wounds but the fingers couldn't be saved. Ryleen will have to be patient whilst the fingers regrow.

It was getting late when Djinja presented his friend, an experienced mage who goes by the name of Screwtape. While she introduced herself to the guild and answered questions, Stargaazer and myself went to fetch the blood elf 'captive', Malicestrom, from his hiding place in the rocky coves just south of Darkspear Strand. For the sake of appearance his hands were tied before he was led back to Sen'jin. Meanwhile Screwtape clearly answered all of our questions and no one objected to her being welcomed into the guild. So Warlord Snicka led her in saying the oath and she became a Whelp of the Heritage of Zandalar. We all wish our newest recruit well.

It was now time for the exchange to take place. We assembled on the road into the village. Soon enough, eleven members of the House of Sylvanas rode up and stood facing us. Their leader, Archnazg Magnark, would only speak to Warlord Snicka. There were lengthy discussions between the two of them, with Ryleen using the Spirit Talk to inform Snicka of the details of events regarding Tivak that took place whilst Snicka was away on Yojamba Isle.

During this time a young troll priest calling himself Maklak of the Bad Mojo Tribe was a nuisance. Nazumi, an officer of the Theatre of Cruelty, watched the proceedings from the shelter of the trees at the edge of the village. As the negotiations continued, I questioned Malicestrom about why he had volunteered to be our captive. He replied that his reasons for helping had changed since the day before. Originally he said that he wanted to get rid of Tivak from his guild and generally to cause inconvenience for the House of Sylvanas. (I'm not convinced that we can believe what the blood elf has told us about this matter.) At this time Gando arrived and shortly after that Jimar joined us too. [See also Chabat's Diary for more details of these events.]

Eventually it became clear that the intended exchange was not going to take place. Archnazg accused Snicka of violating the rules of the Horde by taking Malicestrom prisoner and he insisted that he be allowed to take Snicka into custody. When we all refused this ridiculous demand the House of Sylvanas summoned Infernals and attacked us. Ryleen was able to summon a portal so that she, Stargaazer and Gen'jin could quickly get Chabat to safety in Thunder Bluff.

There were several skirmishes between members of the House and members of our guild. Gul'zayne, without his armour and gear, was savagely attacked by one of their rogues. Snicka took the full force of Archnazg's attack. Meanwhile Gando sought out our enemy, Tivak, and defeated him. Unable to press home their attack against us and faced with the combined might of the Sen'jin Watchers if they advanced any further, Archnazg called off his cowardly attack and the House of Sylvanas left.

Fortunately none of us was seriously hurt and there was no major damage to any of the village buildings, although the ground was scorched from the infernal magics used by the House. Several members of the Greywolf Tribe, alerted by Ryleen, arrived after the fight was over. Meanwhile Ryleen travelled to Orgrimmar to report the situation to Thrall in person. As expected, Thrall will send his own agents to check what happened and it is unlikely that he will directly intervene in what he sees as a matter between two guilds. Nevertheless, it is clear that relations between the Heritage of Zandalar and the House of Sylvanas will never be the same again. All guild members are strongly advised to avoid travelling to the Undercity which the House view as their territory. No doubt we will all hear a great deal more about this matter in the near future . . .

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