Guild Meeting on 19th May

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Guild Meeting on 19th May

Post  Zanick on Fri May 23, 2008 12:10 am

A few short notes about what was discussed.

Ryleen reported that, since the distressing events of last week, our blood elf emissary, Dey, has been looked after by Yasiria, helped by Walya and Chowlawu. She is now feeling much better than she did at that last guild meeting. This was proved when Dey arrived at the meeting. She looked a liitle pale and was quieter then normal, but we could tell that she is well on the way to a full recovery.

Ryleen also reported that the wedding of the two Greywolf tauren, Thanora and Whraenyyr, had taken place the previous day at Freewind Post in Thousand Needles. It was a great success and so was the party afterwards at the Broken Keel in Ratchet. (Unfortunately, I had been unable to attend. I had been on a scouting mission in Feralas for several days . . .)

I reported that a goblin sailor had brought a message from Warlord Snicka on Zandalar. Snicka said that he was well and that he expected to return to Kalimdor in about sixty days. The goblin had been a bit slow in getting the message to me, however. So I reckon that Snicka should be back in about forty days or so.

It seems that no-one has seen or heard from Denrai, the tauren druid who joined us as an emissary. Unfortunately we must assume that he has left us. So, the search resumes for suitable emissaries to add to our skills and strength. It seems that we have had bad luck so far, except for finding Dey.

Chabat announced that she wants to study some of the tomes to be found in the library of the Scarlet Monastery. Several members offered to help her do that. She will tell us when she is ready. Ryleen agreed to take Chabat to Silvermoon to introduce her to some of the magisters who may help her with her studies. We wish her luck. [See Chabat's own notes in a separate thread.]

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