Guild Meeting on 19th January 2009

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Guild Meeting on 19th January 2009

Post  Zanick on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:20 pm

At the meeting were Lyranne, Chabat, Corigo, Ryleen, Stargaazer, Skeen and myself.

Lyranne had brought Gwenderlin, a Forsaken priestess, to the meeting. She was interested in joining our guild as an emissary. I explained the change to the role of emissary and how we would be willing to accept her, firstly as an Outsider. Once she has proved herself, we would make her a full member of the guild and we would expect her to learn our ways and work towards becoming a Bloodsister, just as Lyranne has done.

After discussion of this new position for other races within our ranks, Gwenderlin agreed to join us. She was welcomed into the Guild as an Outsider.

We then heard about Ryleen's difficulties with some orcs of the Warsong Offensive in Northrend. Whilst at Agmar's Hammer, a letter that Ryleen wrote to her husband Gando was intercepted by Overlord Agmar. He interpreted some of Ryleen's comments about the war as the words of a traitor and Ryleen was imprisoned. Fortunately she was able to escape by teleporting herself to Dalaran.

The orcs in Agmar's Hammer offered a reward for Ryleen's recapture and Ryleen was caught by an orc bounty hunter. However, this orc had a grudge against Agmar, so he delivered Ryleen to Warsong Hold with instructions to speak to Saurfang himself. By following her captor's advice Ryleen got a letter from Saurfang that would allow her to demand a trial by arms, an orc custom for deciding guilt or innocence.

Now we must wait to learn when the duel is to take place. With Ryleen still not fully recovered from her recent encounter with Shadowtroll and since she is a mage, she will not be expected to fight the duel herself. So now we need to decide on a champion who can face the Warsong Blades' champion, Krusg.

Skeen suggested that we could pay a mercenary to fight for Ryleen. We should not just dismiss this suggestion: it shows the cunning for which we trolls are rightly famed. Gwen suggested that either herself or her mother, the Lady Linoria could face Krusg. Many of the trolls present were uneasy at the thought of a Death Knight fighting for us, but it was decided that Ryleen and I will meet with Lady Linoria to discuss it. Until then, Ryleen will be keeping a low profile and ALL members must be careful that they say NOTHING about Ryleen to anyone.

I reminded all members that we need to make the arrangements for the Bloodsister Ritual for Lyranne. Ryleen pointed out that she herself has not yet taken part in a ceremony to be chosen by a patron Loa (and many others have not done so either!). So we may need to guide both Ryleen and Lyranne through this important step in conjunction with the bloodsister ritual. After the meeting I sent letters to Voodoo Master Gul'Zayne and to our shaman Gen'jin asking them to contact me urgently about preparing for these rituals.

Finally, Chabat offered to use her tailoring skills to make fine clothes for anyone that wanted them. These might be particularly useful for the celebrations that will follow the rituals that are being planned.

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Re: Guild Meeting on 19th January 2009

Post  Gwenderlin on Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:52 am

just /poke me when ya wish to meet Linoria and I shall bring her to meet with you both Smile


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