Diplomatic Meetign with the house as Archi returns

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Diplomatic Meetign with the house as Archi returns

Post  Hadunka on Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:11 am

20:54:53.046 Raeven says: A very good evening, glad you could make it.
20:55:04.937 Rosales looks at Ryleen.
20:55:04.968 Arshés says: how dare thees.. beasts.. enter oure fortress!
20:55:11.515 Arshés growls, seeming over-aggresive
20:55:13.281 Kazjo peers at the undead and elves.
20:55:15.375 Ryleen looks at the gathered people, counting familiar faces and new ones, before her eyes finally land on Archnazg.
20:55:15.500 Archnazg says: [Gutterspeak] Vohl sturume
20:55:18.796 Raeven says: They are here upon our invitation, at ease.
20:55:27.218 Archnazg speaks in Gutter but its obvious its a greetring
20:55:28.609 Arshés says: why? what possible use can they be?
20:55:46.203 Hadunka is lookign aroun d the rom causiusly
20:55:52.218 Ryleen bows her head in greeting to Archnazg, just barely enough to still be considered polite.
20:56:14.781 Arshés growls, her mask leting out a small cloud of smoke
20:56:58.390 Rosales eyes Ryleen up and down.
20:57:06.390 Archnazg says: Warlord Ryleen
20:57:12.953 Ryleen says: [Troll] Lord Magnark.
20:57:21.453 Ryleen says: *Lord Magnark.
20:57:24.671 Ryleen spoke orcish!
20:57:59.562 Ryleen says: I'm no longer Warlord, that title was lost when I went into exile. It's Matriarch now.
20:58:04.671 Archnazg says: I have summoned you to my keep in order to engage in diplomatic discussions.
20:58:45.125 Ryleen nods.
20:58:47.062 Archnazg says: A warlord is a person with power who has both military and civil control over a subnational area due to armed forces loyal to the warlord and not to a central authority.... That I believe we can both agree sounds like you?
20:58:57.281 Nickata remains still standing still and calm listening to the leaders talk with intrest
20:59:13.125 Archnazg says: Don't try and play the pacafist with me, m'lady
20:59:17.500 Archnazg smiles.
20:59:22.890 Ryleen says: True, but should I call myself by that title, I might be accused of breaking the terms of the exile. Coming here is bad enough.
20:59:25.984 Arshés stands still, ocationaly leting out small clouds of black smoke from her mask
20:59:42.671 Archnazg says: You have safe passage in this realm aslong as you bode well with me
21:00:07.765 Archnazg says: Quite a luxury considering your status with the rest of the Horde I believe.
21:00:33.875 Ryleen says: Not as much as one might think, but still I am grateful.
21:00:53.718 Ryleen sounds calm, her tone perfectly polite if slightly stiff.
21:00:55.671 Archnazg says: a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation... interesting
21:01:01.500 Archnazg says: Very well
21:01:28.484 Archnazg says: Tell me, why did you decide to come here? I was informed you likely would not be here tonight
21:01:51.234 Rosales raises an eyebrow.
21:02:23.562 Ryleen says: I realised that despite my reasons for staying away, it might be interpreted badly. I would not want to see the agreements made between me and the previous Lord falling apart for such a reason.
21:02:47.843 Archnazg says: Very well
21:02:58.500 Raeven nods approvingly, and folds his hands behind his back.
21:02:58.515 Archnazg says: Tell me what would you wish out of having a bond with my organisation?
21:03:28.625 Ryleen says: We would be content with keeping things the way they have been for the past months.
21:04:22.656 Archnazg says: yes.. harmonious relations; freedom from disputes..
21:05:10.203 Ryleen says: Indeed. And I'm sure you can see the benefits you have to gain from it.
21:05:11.015 Arshés turns for a moment, glareing up at Xoran, then contains her anger, standing still
21:05:24.453 Xoran takes shape from the shade, looking over the trolls in reminiscence.
21:05:53.171 Archnazg narrows his eyes.. pondering
21:06:21.921 Archnazg says: And tell me
21:06:34.656 Archnazg says: Would you allow us to review your potential military strength?
21:06:42.500 Archnazg says: As you are aware we do not trust the Living.
21:06:50.203 Ryleen says: Define 'review'.
21:07:33.718 [Guild]|h Hadunka: I am not leting them inside the valley Ry
21:07:36.390 Archnazg says: We would like to evaluate your threat to the Horde and most of all, the Forsaken.
21:07:45.421 Archnazg says: We know only too well you do not suffer our kind easily
21:08:30.359 [Guild]|h Chabat: What's going on?
21:08:51.484 Ryleen says: Our borders are closed to outsiders, and this will not be changed any time soon. But if you insist, I will allow an emissary of my choosing to enter.
21:09:09.406 Rosales raises an eyebrow.
21:09:12.296 [Guild]|h Kazjo: He wants to "review" our "military strength". But I do not think Ryleen would allow them inside.
21:09:12.484 Lahní smirks slightly at the few words she can hear.
21:09:16.187 [Guild]|h Euphrati: The house coming in?
21:09:24.453 [Guild]|h Vajro: What?!
21:09:30.171 [Guild]|h Lahní: Keep it quiet.
21:09:38.531 [Guild]|h Hadunka: No they are not
21:09:43.015 [Guild]|h Chabat: Miliatry strength? did nobody remind him of the terms of our exile?
21:09:52.656 Archnazg says: I shall consider that.
21:10:01.468 Ryleen nods.
21:10:02.562 [Guild]|h Lahní: The Matriarch is in a meeting, I hope you can all remain quiet and allow her to think?
21:10:04.328 Archnazg says: But I have certain associates appointed for such duties
21:10:12.781 Archnazg says: Who can make a balanced judgement
21:10:30.625 Ryleen says: And I have but a few of your people I would even consider allowing entrance into Antu'Rah. You can not sway my will in that choice.
21:10:44.796 [Guild]|h Hadunka: Grrrr .. as long as they stay away from our lands we will not treten them
21:10:49.968 [Guild]|h Lahní: *her speech carries a slight tone of... "And if not... things might not be so peaceful" *
21:11:10.453 [Guild]|h Vajro: Speak for yourself Hadunka
21:11:16.593 Agustabell throws a quick glance at Ryleen
21:11:24.203 Ryleen says: I am willing to compromise to a certain extent, I want you to know that. But this is not a point that can be changed.
21:11:24.453 [Guild]|h Lahní: Vajro. Be quiet.
21:11:28.921 [Guild]|h Euphrati: Dont!...
21:11:34.843 [Guild]|h Vajro: Hmph
21:11:42.812 Archnazg says: Understandable
21:11:50.406 Arcturas leans on the stone, momentarily checking his pocketwatch
21:12:01.703 [Guild]|h Hadunka: I am not Varjo ... and you do well to remeber we are not goign to attack them. I will put you down my self if you do ... as it endagers us al
21:12:12.390 [Guild]|h Euphrati: Ive gone through too much for you to ruin it all by insulting them
21:12:20.109 Archnazg says: I do believe your organisation offers little to ours, what can you offer us so that we could maintain a .. bond of any kind?
21:12:36.296 [Guild]|h Vajro: Very well
21:12:44.890 [Guild]|h Lahní: Everybody be quiet damnit! *this is the closest to a shout thoughts can be*
21:12:51.796 Ryleen says: Your continued use of the oil rig constructed on our lands, assuming that we remain in a position to supervise the work, as we have up until now.
21:13:22.468 [Guild]|h Hadunka: Minde if I make a coment her Ry? consernign the oil rig
21:13:27.406 Ryleen says: We have no interest in the oil, but only to make sure the extraction of it is safely conducted. It is a cooperation I understand has worked well so far.
21:13:38.953 [Guild]|h Ryleen: What do you want to say?
21:14:17.656 [Guild]|h Hadunka: That I am the one handelign the contakt with the oilrig and i like how that have bin don so far from the hous .. but you said that alredy so no matter
21:14:39.875 Ryleen says: And, of course, your people to be allowed to travel safely through our jungle. We have certain ties to the native tribes, and can ensure your safe passage, should we choose to.
21:16:45.109 Archnazg says: The natural resources to be harvested from the jungle do have certain interests to the Crown
21:16:55.453 Archnazg says: But I have travelled the jungle for years untouched
21:17:24.031 Ryleen says: Of course. But that might change, should we be forced to consider your people unwelcome.
21:18:28.312 Archnazg says: Being inconspicuous is no challenge for us... but
21:19:02.656 Archnazg says: For the sake of diplomacy
21:19:32.546 Archnazg says: It sounds agreeable
21:19:38.375 Ryleen says: We ask but little in return..
21:20:18.640 Ryleen says: We ask for Antu'Rah to not be intruded upon, and to be allowed to travel safely through your lands.
21:20:30.531 Archnazg says: I have no interest in your village
21:21:47.968 Archnazg says: And why would you wish to enter our lands, out of interest?
21:22:02.437 Archnazg says: I can see why we'd need into the jungle
21:22:19.234 Archnazg says: It's the primary land route to the Human kingdom
21:22:33.390 Ryleen says: Exile or not, we do some times need to travel through cities, mostly for trading. For obvious reasons, we cannot do so in Kalimdor.
21:23:08.515 Archnazg says: And why are you so unwelcome there?
21:23:47.453 Ryleen says: I assumed you knew, forgive me. I am exiled, and my people chose to join me. We are no longer part of the Horde.
21:24:02.859 Lahní sighs slightly.
21:24:29.859 Archnazg says: Done something to upset them?
21:24:52.015 Ryleen says: You know very well what happened, and this is not the time and place to discuss that.
21:24:59.875 Ryleen 's voice takes on a somewhat cold tone.
21:26:04.796 Archnazg says: There is no need to sound so aroused to anger.
21:26:13.562 Hazabel inclines her head to the assembled House and snarls at the troll convoy
21:26:15.250 Archnazg says: A mere question
21:26:38.265 Nickata stares Hazabel down.
21:26:52.531 Archnazg cracks his neck, a hideous sound.
21:27:00.015 Hadunka is calm and seem to be calculating how many shots he can get of if nessesery before3 any one can react
21:27:24.890 Archnazg notices Hadunka's brainwaves..
21:27:38.218 Kazjo scratches his neck.
21:28:12.312 Arshés stands still, another cloud of black smoke evaporateing from her mask
21:28:15.781 Archnazg narrows his eyes, pondering.
21:28:26.875 Hazabel patrols the room
21:28:31.328 Ryleen says: Your people were present when I was exiled. But perhaps your time spent in the realm of the dead has interferred with your memory?
21:28:58.578 [Guild]|h Kazjo: Better not insult him, Ryleen
21:29:24.437 Archnazg says: I have set aside much insignificant information in exchange for what is possible to learn from the universe.
21:29:34.062 [Guild]|h Lahní: *barely audible thoughts are heard over the link*
21:29:58.359 Archnazg says: But I have nothing more to add to this ... meeting.
21:30:02.468 Archnazg says: However one thing
21:30:09.968 Ryleen says: Yes?
21:30:17.343 Archnazg says: I cannot guarentee we follow your rules on extracting oil
21:30:19.078 Archnazg says: You see
21:30:24.093 Archnazg says: I plan to empty the well in a few weeks
21:30:36.656 Ryleen says: If you do not, we will have to stop the operation entirely.
21:30:45.078 Hadunka says: Taht be inposible ta do
21:30:56.671 Hazabel glares angrily at Ryleen.
21:30:58.093 Kazjo remains silent.
21:31:00.453 Ryleen says: We cannot risk more damage to the people and environment surrounding the rig.
21:31:25.312 Archnazg says: I think there is more to worry about in this world than damage to fifty square meters of turf
21:31:50.718 Ryleen says: The rig is positioned in the lake. Anything living downstream, all the way to the ocean, will be affected.
21:31:56.000 Archnazg says: The Warsong have their eye on every natural resource around
21:32:16.593 Ryleen says: I assure you, no Warsongs will get any resources from our lands.
21:32:36.093 Archnazg says: You would risk open war come to you from every front for the sake of the environemtn?
21:33:06.875 Hazabel mumbles something about trolls and environmentalists
21:33:12.046 Hadunka says: Also .. as ya enginers can tell ya .. it be no posible to emty a opil well efisiently in da time
21:33:13.156 Ryleen says: The rig used inappropriately will mean the deaths of the tribes relying on the river as their water source.
21:33:35.734 Raeven says: If our concerns are the Warsongs, the Heritage can deal with them, should they desire to claim our oil.
21:33:55.796 Archnazg says: I will happily sell the Warsong our site
21:34:19.656 Ryleen says: You would, if it was yours to sell.
21:34:56.031 Ryleen says: The jungle belongs to us. You have a rig there because I was convinced to allow you to.
21:35:10.171 Archnazg says: You claim the entire jungle over what... fifteen tribesmen?
21:35:25.859 Archnazg says: Do come down from your highhorse... That is phyically impossible
21:35:42.312 Ryleen says: No, not the entire jungle. But the lake is part of our territory.
21:36:43.234 Archnazg says: Very well.
21:36:55.375 Archnazg says: I will be remiliterizing the House.
21:36:55.734 Ryleen says: Should you find oil in the southern jungles, and manage to steal it from the nagas, be my guest.
21:37:26.250 Archnazg says: We may pass through the jungle more frequently, depending on where we decide to let the hammer fall first.
21:37:43.875 Archnazg says: We will be driving the machine of chemical warfare.
21:37:55.640 Archnazg says: (( brb door0))
21:38:35.140 Arcturas used his sword as a makeshift walking stick, leaning on it nonchalantly.
21:38:39.140 Ryleen says: I will be expecting your decision on our offer shortly then.
21:39:32.656 Archnazg says: Who do you choose to evaluate your military strength?
21:39:34.718 Archnazg says: Give me two names
21:39:37.296 Archnazg says: And I will chose whom
21:40:11.765 Ryleen says: Lady Desdemone or Baron Cross.
21:40:26.078 Rosales eyes Ryleen up and down.
21:40:34.171 Archnazg says: Very well
21:40:43.062 Archnazg says: I will send the chosen to you soon enough
21:40:46.265 Archnazg says: But for now.. Farewell
21:41:01.781 Ryleen says: Spirits watch over you.
21:41:09.921 Archnazg says: May darkness shroud your path
21:41:11.265 Ryleen bows her head once before leaving.
21:41:15.203 Raeven says: Shadows guide you.
21:41:21.921 Hazabel throws the troll party a shifty look
21:41:45.046 Arcturas makes his way up the stairs, limping lighting leaning on his sword, holding his cloak behind him.
21:42:09.140 Arshés seems to idl a bit around, growling
21:42:32.453 [Guild]|h Ryleen: We are returning home now.

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