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Post  Snicka on Sun Oct 14, 2007 2:59 am

If you're making up a backstory for your character, you might be interested in the official Warcraft timeline:
According to this, the present year is 26. The most important events concerning trolls are the following:

6: The Second War. Zul'jin and his forces make an attempt to take their ancient lands back from the blood elves. They get support from the Horde, but they fail.

20: The Orcs arrive to the Broken Isles. They help Sen'jin to beat a small human colony on the island. The murlocs invade the island not much later. Sen'jin dies, his son Vol'jin leads the Darkspear tribe to Durotar, and they help the Horde fight the Burning Legion and the Scourge.

21(?): Vol'jin settles down on Echo Isles. The army of Theramore, led by Admiral Proudmoore attacks the isles and slaughters many of the trolls. Rexxar the Beastmaster defeats Proudmoore. The Darkspears flee to Durotar and found Sen'jin Village.

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