some troll customs (for non-trolls)

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some troll customs (for non-trolls) Empty some troll customs (for non-trolls)

Post  Vypra on Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:28 pm

(( Found this on one of my random forum trawls: ))

Troll tradition and customs are mainly based on voodoo and a nomadic lifestyle in the wild which has given them lots of very unique customs. Here are some of them;

Rush’alor (mask + altar, an altar not all may see) is a hut in each village or settlement where only the high ranking priests, shadow hunters and witch doctors may enter. This is where they prepare for bigger ceremonies and perform secret rites to appease the spirits.

Actions to show trust and respect;
When a troll invites you to share his fire he trusts your intentions enough to keep you close but do not care that much for your well-being.

When a troll shares his water with you he shows the same trust as for sharing a fire but also cares for your well-being, but neither enough to dare sleeping under the same roof as you. The same goes for sharing food.

If a troll invites you to share his roof you are as close as you may come to him without being a part of the tribe (which only trolls can be a part of). He cares about you and won’t let you sleep outside and trusts you enough to spend a night side by side. For non-trolls this is a great honour and should not be turned down because it will offend the troll deeply.

To ask of any of these four things without the troll offering them first will be an offence to the troll and can lead to you getting forced away if you are lucky, otherwise injuries or even death.

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