Soothsayer Erzu´Veera of Sandfury

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Soothsayer Erzu´Veera of Sandfury Empty Soothsayer Erzu´Veera of Sandfury

Post  Euphrati on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:23 am

Below is an char ive been thinking quite long to create. Thank to Kaz for giving me an idea of her. Finding an workable look around the fact all trolls are blue has been an issue i havent created her yet. But thanks to Ry, mentioning the dks can have brown skin i now start on this Sandfury troll. As its a dk will help us with guild acchis as im speccing tank.
Note: Shes not done yet so if you have any ideas please let me hear them.


Character Name*:
Erzu´Veera "Veera"

Race, class ((and level))*:
Troll, Soothsayer ((deathknight, 58, ))

Character Age:

Physical description:
Is Sandfury troll therefore have bare, ligth-brown skin. Her face is wrinkled and scarred of age, her lips have been discolored into an dark red tone of all the blood she has drank in her years. Yellow braided hair(atm) with pieces of bones tied into it. Some of her braids are colored green, some colored red. Have on right hand an tattoo of an sun. Have on her left hand an tattoo of an full moon.

((depends slightly on how her story will turn out to be))
Her mood changes along with the moods of her loas.
She wil be quite pity about many things as she all life been given what she wanted. But still not naive, knowing she cant expect to get anything anymore. As she seen much, she has become slightly... disturbed.

Brief background story:
Is born within the city of Zul´farrak, where she has lived all her years. As daughter for one of the leading Witchdoctors it was certain she would get an place in the world. Her parents made sure she got the best teachers and guides in the learning of Voodoo, as they saw it as most appropriate. She became good at it already as an child and everyone was sure it was because of her blood. As she reached the age of her teens she started to sleep restlessly. Her dreams invaded by visions of the past and the future. At first she kept her dreams by herself but both her parents and her tutors saw that something wasnt right with her. One day her mother asked what was wrong with her. She told her mother of her dreams. Veeras mother remembered one of the events she were told of, an funeral long ago. Veera told her so detailed that only by being there she would have known of it. An week later one of her visions came true and Veeras new abilities were known to the rest of her tribe.
After being questioned by the wise of the tribe, they became certain she had been gifted by the loas and her that her new talents would be taken into use. She would join the recent soothsayer and learn to read the paths and signs of the worlds and learn the meanings of her visions. The soothsayer would also keep teaching her the arts of voodoo. Being the controller of both sides of Voodoo and the good and evil sides of the spirits, Legba and Kalfu were the ones she would devote her life to.
After that her new life started. An life of luxery. She became one of the Allwise aprentices. She were given power to think and say whatever she liked and given anything she ever wished, anything from food and drinks to boys and even females. An life of orgy. An life of luxury but also a prison, her path had been chosen and she was to stay on it until her death. Riches and power yes, but she would never be allowed an life of complete secrecy and would never be allowed to marry a man. And which man would like to marry her, one of the most powerful women in the tribe.
When she reached her 25year her tutor and guide, the allwise, died of age. And Veera still young became the new soothsayer of the tribe. An path and rank she would devote her life to. Only the tribechief outranked her, but before every battle and every grave decision her wisdom was consulted and the loas aid and fortunes, or misfortune to their enemies.

((then something grave happens which she dont like and she decides to leave. What it is im still uncertain of but Kaz gave me an idea))

The summoning of Gahzrilla, which the tribe start to pray to and less and less need use of her or the loas.
As they start reanimating the dead to create undead slaves. Which is seen unnatural by many trolls. the controllers controls the gates between the living and the dead. Undedth would be something her loas dont like no

What are your character's motivations?:
Interpreter of the conrollers of crossroads, Legba and Kalfu. Her life is to serve them and speak for them.

Your character's greatest strengths/weaknesses:
Str: Is very wise, have seen the coming and fall of brave warriors. And as being one of the favoured of Legba and Kalfu she has great voodoo powers. But know not to abuse her powers.
Weak: Is very old and weak. And has gone slightly mad of all the predictions she has made.

What do you know about us, and why should we be interested in you?:
((the hard question, have no idea how she would have heard of heritage)) An wise troll is always useful, especially one who can read the signs and will of two important loas.


Is Eup...

Are you: willing to help guildies, partake in casual RP and RP events, and aware that whilst we do some pve content, this is not an endgame raiding guild?*:
Ofc i will.

I came up with most of written down just at this moment, but reading throught it it seem to work. Still have some loose ends. If you have any critic or ideas of anything id be glad to hear them.

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