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Chabat woke early, feeling more like her old self than she had since the escape from Antu’Rah. The two months since that hellish day had passed in blur of pain and exhaustion but as she looked across at her beautiful twin daughters in their makeshift cradle, she was finally able to feel that it had been worth all the hardship.

Giving up a silent prayer of thanks to her Patron Loa, Hir’eek, the troll girl cuddled up to her husband who was getting some well deserved rest. Kaz had been through as much as she had after all…


Her companions had all cursed their luck at being detained by the tauren from the Warsong blades as they’d tried to leave Mulgore but the spirits must have been watching over them for if they’d been allowed to continue their journey, things could have turned out very differently.

The abandoned dwarven dig-site they been forced to stay in had not been the best place to give birth but better by far that there had at least been shelter when her time had come. On the road with hostile forces all around, her chances of surviving the ordeal would have been slim indeed.

Even so, the little mage had never been robust and the strain on her body, trying to feed two hungry babies while she was already weakened had left her utterly exhausted and fearing the worst for her children. Kaz had been forced to carry her through most of their perilous journey to the refugee camp in the barrens.

Once again, the spirits smiled on them. Upon arriving at the camp, ‘Bats was amazed to find a Tauren female caring for three young calves…Tawane had been happy to help once the troll explained her problem and Tia and Mae were soon fed and bedded down for the night with the other children.


Rising carefully to avoid waking her husband, the girls and the three little tauren orphans who shared the tent, ‘Bats made her way over to the fire joining those who’d also woken early and began to gather some rations. The least she could do was make herself useful after being a burden for so long.

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