The Expedition

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The Expedition

Post  Sertah on Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:45 am

What follows is a letter to the leader of the Heritage of Zandalar. When it was sent, the author simply wrote 'Heritage', but thanks to my masterful deduction i have managed to deliver it to you. I would hope that you advise miss 'Lagrave' to be more considerate in future. Regards -The Postmaster


One night ago, our barracks at Kargath was visited by a troll woman i recognise as Sertah Warpwood, a representative of your organisation in the battle that took place a few moons ago.
She did not stay long however, I overheard mention of an expedition to the Wetlands, she told Warlord Gorn that she was after Alliance information, and naturally he allowed her to rest for a short while.
However later that evening, the foul winds of the badlands grew fierce, and a sandstorm ensued.
I write to you only to inform that she may be in danger.
More-so than if crossing the desert on a clear day.

Shadowmage Vivian Lagrave

“The dust storms of the badlands certainly seem like proof of what we are seeking, but in truth, they are not an elemental creation, rather the result of the titanic interference that occurred thousands of years before.” Sertah was crouched ignobly beneath the wooden shell of a tree that was their shelter, her travelling partner barely fitting underneath it, he bumped his head and muttered often.
“The caverns of Uldaman are like the lungs of the badlands, spilling out dust as if from the mouth of a gigantic golem.” Her eyes were fixed, seemingly untroubled by the howling wind and had a dull grey sheen that had persisted since they had begun the expedition. They had begun at the Heritage’s home and travelled northwards through alliance lands to Kargath. As soon as they left, a powerful wind tormented the earth, whipping up a violent dust storm.
“Because of this, the badlands, perhaps even all of Azeroth is hollow. We have no way of telling how many caverns the titans carved to house their little soldiers.”
“You mean the Earthen?” The hulking male troll knocked his head on the solid grey wood again and coughed out sand.
“Perhaps we should try to sleep. The storm will have passed by the time we wake up.”
“Sleep? How can we sleep in this noise!” The male’s protest fell on deaf ears, Sertah’s eyes were already clamped shut. He groaned, squeezing his eyes shut and raising an arm to the wood above them, to make sure it would not collapse.

((A quick start to the storyline i promise i will write, I've just got back from France and i desperately need sleep. There is a chest in Sertah's living quarters in Antu'Rah (The place which in ZG has Jin'do the Hexxer) and inside is.. well, if you decide to find it IC, tell me when you do find the chest and i can write what is inside on the forum. Thanks everyone))

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Re: The Expedition

Post  torgadon on Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:55 pm

((oh cool to hear, also, enjoy your holidays? :O
Been to france twice, one was with school so good, other sucked lol))

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