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Post  Ryleen on Sat Jan 30, 2010 1:10 pm

Last night, I was returning to Orgrimmar after visiting the Thandol Span, in preparation of the battle.

As I passed Southshore, I heard screams and saw smoke. I rode closer to see what was happening.

The Hous of Sylvanas.

Archnazg and three of his men. There were corpses everywhere. They were locking people inside their homes and burning them alive.

I didn't even stop to think, I rode in to stop them, while calling for aid by the Link. I shouted at them, argued, but they didn't listen. Then he went towards a house not yet burning, saying that the children of the village were inside.

I had to stop him.

I teleported myself to the doorway, stood in his way and threatened him with fire. He laughed. Didn't think I would dare do anything. But then a human man ran up to him in a desperate attack... I would imagine he was the father of some of the children inside. And he just killed him, with no second thought, no respect.

I attacked him. There was nothing else I could have done. By now, my help had arrived, and they attacked his people. While we fought, I sent Chabat off to save as many humans she could, let them out of their buildings and make them run. Meanwhile, we were defeated. They beat us all, and rode off towards Arathi. We knew that their next target would be Refuge Point, and rode to try to warn them.

But we were too late. When we arrived they were already attacking.

I went after him again, hoping to take him by surprise this time. We fought once more... And he defeated me again. But he didn't stop at that. Oh no, he didn't.

He killed me.

I died defending those humans, and yet I can't say I regret a thing. I did what was right, defending the lives of innocents.

I was lucky that the ankh I had been given worked. It allowed my spirit to reenter my body, healed the fatal wounds.

By then, humans and elves had arrived to defend the settlement, and I managed to sneak off in the confusion.

But so many people had died already.

Far too many.

He has to be stopped! They have gone too far.

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