Storytelling evening

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Storytelling evening

Post  Snicka on Wed Dec 05, 2007 12:59 am

I found this posted on the Greywolf Tribe forums:

Silver stood and watched the stories of old, as they hung from the ceiling in the large tent at Elders Rise. He really liked those stories, though he also knew that there were plenty more of them, but only told from mouth to mouth. A sudden idea struck him and he smiled. Perhaps...

Silver stood at the mailbox in Thunder Bluff, posting quite a few letters. Most of them had names of members of the tribe on them, but there were a few adressed to other people. Snicka of the Heritage of Zuljin, one to the officers of Ashen Order and...Silver hesitated as he held up the letter for Teeboppity of the Theater of Cruelty. He considered his choice again. Could a gathering of more or less doubtful individuals, well...criminals, have some stories to share. Silver looked thougtful for a while and then smiled and posted the letter. If not anything else, there could be some educational value in their stories aswell. Strictly as a discouraging lesson for the young memmbers of the tribe. Silver coughed and walked away towards the home he shared with Teana.

((Well, storytelling evening on wednesday. How about we start it at...20.00 server time? Open for suggestions. I recommend Bloodhoof for this occasion, smaller and a bit more cosy. Spread the word aswell, in case I forgot someone))

I actually didn't recieve any mail, but I think this is going to be a really nice RP event tomorrow. I don't think I can attend though. Sad

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