Torschka's leave.

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Torschka's leave.

Post  Torschka on Sat Nov 22, 2008 2:40 am

She sat there, as she allways did, on the same spot in Orgrimmar, looking at the people running by,
one after the other.
A sigh came from her as she stood up. She was tired of this. Tired of not knowing what had happened
to him. She had let someone go allready and she wasn't ready to let Snicka slipp away aswell. She
loved him way to much and she couldn't stop thinking about him. Since he had dissapeared she hadn't
been able to stop thinking about him. She had to do something, right? But where could he be?
Yet another sigh before she walked towards her house, walking into it and picking up her armor.
"Oh, screw this..." She put on her heavy plate armor, buckled up and picked up her swords.
She was going to go. She couldn't do nothing. She had to do something! Even if she didn't know
what, she still had to do it.
She told Rack to heel then walked out, change some words with a guard, mounted up and rode off.

And that was the last anyone saw of the troll warrior, and that was a couple of days ago...

If anyone would talk to the guard she spoke to, he could just tell them that she went off to do what she should have done a long time ago.

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