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I have already joined, but thought it could be fun/useful to fill this out anyway.

Character name: Ryleen
Character race: Troll
Character class: Mage
Character level: currently 65
Professions: Mining and Engineering
Why do you want to join us?: I'm closing in on 70, and will hopefully soon have a lot of time for rp. I've been searching for a friendly guild where I can make new contacts and have fun.
How often do you play WoW?: Right now, it's daily. School might make demands as we approach the end of the spring semester, though.
Roleplaying experience: I've been playing tabletop rpgs for several years. Also some larping, and a lot of text based online rpgs. And, of course, rp in wow.
Character history: Ryleen has been very quiet about her past when talking to other trolls so far, but I trust you to be good rp'ers, so I'll write some of it anyway.
As a child, she was always the odd one who no one really wanted to play with. She got picked on quite a lot, and as a result spent most of her time playing by herself, away from the others. To have a troll child walking about on her own is to ask for trouble, but she was lucky enough to never get in any serious danger.
At an early age, she showed talent for magic, especially the one connected with controlling the element of fire. It was her own desiscion to pursue the path of a mage, something she has never regretted. When she reached the age to be sent to the Valley of Trials, to begin her real training, she did something unexpected. Rather than going to the valley, she turned north and ran away, not telling anyone where to. She wandered alone, surviving by sheer luck. Her main goal was to find someone who could teach her more about the arcane arts, and that search eventually got her as far away as Quel'Thalas, the elven lands.
There she was first met by distrust from the elves. In the end, she managed to convince them to allow her to stay and study, though there were always those among them who did not accept her. She stayed on a distance from the elves though, completely focusing on her studies.
She took up mining and skinning to finance her books and other materials needed, but later she abandoned skinning to learn the art of engineering instead.
Even though she was lonely a lot when she lived there, Fairbreeze Village is one of the few places she wants to refer to as home.
After leaving Quel'Thalas, she has traveled a lot, with the sole intention of exploring the world and learn about new things.
I've tried to make Ryleen a complex character, with several different traits to her personality. There is everything from her slightly pacifistic ideas of how the world could improve, to her almost childish fascination in engineering, and much more.
As you can probably guess, the whole Quel'Thalas part of the story is simply an IC explanation to the fact that I chose to level her there instead of in durotar, but I've found that it turned out to be something that shaped a lot of who she is today.

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