Guild Meeting on 7th April 2008

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Guild Meeting on 7th April 2008

Post  Zanick on Tue Apr 08, 2008 10:02 pm

For those who weren't able to join us, here is a very brief summary of what happened at our guild meeting.

The meeting was attended by Lyranne, Ryleen, Gando, Chabat, Gruzzak, Kemsha, Heldra and three tauren visitors from the Greywolf Tribe: Silver, Yurayura and Tassel.

We discussed Ryleen and Gando's ongoing problem with Shadowtroll. (This is discussed in more detail in a separate topic elsewhere in the Wot be Happenin'? section of the Forum.) Our tauren visitors have promised to try to find out about the link between the Grimwolves and Shadowtroll.

I discussed Snicka's wish that we get more involved in adventuring as a guild. In particular, I suggested that some of the more senior members of the guild should take some of our other members to test themselves in the deep and dangerous parts of Azeroth, such as Uldaman, for example. Several members expressed an interest and our tauren guests also asked to be kept informed of our plans so that they might join in.

Yurayura mentioned an orc named Gorthark of the Bleeding Axe Clan. He has already made friends amongst the Greywolf Tribe and now he wishes to develop ties with our guild so that we may help him and his clan in various battles for the Horde. I will make contact with Gorthark and report back to the guild on what he has to say.

and finally ...
Gando announced that he and Ryleen are to be married! This will be the first marriage between two members of the Heritage. They have not made the arrangements yet, but all of the guild members will be invited to help them celebrate.

Also, shortly after the meeting, we welcomed a new recruit, a female hunter called Azhkir. Please help to make both Azhkir and Zulrak, a warrior from Zabra'jin who joined at the meeting last week, feel welcome within our guild.

Thanks to all those who came along. (Apologies if I have missed out anything important!)


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Greetings from Zandalar

Post  Snicka on Wed Apr 09, 2008 5:18 pm

Greetings from Zandalar! Weather is wonderful, jungles are green, trolls are friendly.
Congratulations, Gando and Ryleen! I hope I'll be back when the wedding takes place.
Welcome, Azhkir and Zulrak. I hope you both will have a great time with us.
And good job, Zanick. It seems (at least from this distance) that you're managing the guild well. Adventuring with the lower level members (a.k.a. boosting) is a good idea.
Oh, and I know Gorthak a bit, met him a few times, that's where he heard about us. His guild (Clan) is very small yet... but let's not forget that the Heritage has been that small in the beginning, too.
I'm missing you all!

Ya good ol' Warlord Snicka

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