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Post  Vypra on Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:22 pm

Character name*:Chabat

Character race*: Troll (except for Emissaries)

Character class*:Mage

Character level*:24


Why do you want to join us?*: Since swapping to an rp realm and starting finding out stuff about troll lore Iíve really regretted not levelling my main as an rp character. I love playing trolls and Iíve always liked this guild and had good interactions with the members that Iíve met.
I look forward to having my little mage grow up with the support of her people.

How often do you play WoW?: Most weekday evenings and all day Saturday (donít really play on a Sunday).

Roleplaying experience: Warhammer (WFRP) and Dangerous journeys píníp rpgís. WoW (Transferred to SSL about a year ago after spending most of the previous two years on Darksorrow pvp realm).

Character history: Chabat was still onlly a child of 8 or 9 when the Darkspears made their final migration to the shores of Durotar. Her father had already been killed when his fishing party had been ambushed by murlocs and, when the tribe was finally driven from the islands, she found that her mother was amongst the missing and herself to be just another orphan of the war.
The youngster quickly realised that nobody had the means to raise her as their own and that her childhood was effectively over. Feeding and clothing the refugees was an immediate priority and so she began to develop her cooking and tailoring skills, securing her place in the tribe as the new village grew around her.
Her talent for Voodoo was discovered accidently during a trip to Razor Hill to sell some of her handmade clothes to the young adventurers passing through. A pair of warriors ran past, pursued by some angry looking Quilboars. Despite being completely untained, Chabat raised the power to send a ball of fire into their midst. The Quilboars panicked and scattered allowing Chabat and her party to reach Razor Hill safely.
Upon her return to Sen'jin village, it was decided that she begin her training in the Voodoo arts immediately. Several months later, with her training well underway, Chabat set off to Orgrimmar to consult the mages of the valley of spirits.
Her subsequent travels lead to her meeting up with the bumbling orc Bhodek, president of the Extreme Angling club and so she currently resides in Ratchet with her fellow club members.
A recent conversation with the only other troll in the club, Vypra, revealed that the youngster was somewhat homesick and woefully in need of a good rolemodel. The freespirited Shaman balked at the idea of becomming a surrogate mother and so suggested asking the spirits to lead Chabat to someplace she felt more at home...

Notes: Growing into adolescence without her parents to advise her meant she had to pick up most things from the conversations of her fellow tailors and the other village girls. As a result she can sometimes appear very naive and misinformed although she has, in some cases, intuitively managed to seperate the relevent information from the garbled gossip of her peers.

P.S. Some of you will know my main, Vypra, Deputy leader of the Exterme Angling Club. I wonít be able to play Chabat on Thursdays as Vypra runs the Broken Keel in Ratchet that night.
As a player, Iím a pretty slow leveler and much more interested in the Rp and PvP side of things so you can count me in on the IC defence of our territories despite my low level Smile

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