The latest guild meeting (2008.03.03)

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The latest guild meeting (2008.03.03)

Post  Snicka on Tue Mar 04, 2008 12:06 pm

To those who couldn't attend the last guild meeting, were late, or had to leave, I'll sum up the events.
We mourned Barzovia, who apparently lost his life in Stranglethorn. However, this was later proven to be both true and false: he was resurrected by the Bloodscalp voodoo master Gan'zulah, and now serves him. (Good luck in playing a villain, Barzovia, it won't be an easy task!) He showed up later during the meeting, and told us he'd like to make an offer. What it would exactly be, he did not tell in front of the crowd. He left a Grimtotem tauren spy on the meeting, called Tempeste, which made us continue the meeting in troll language.
Two new members joined, a polite mage and a brave shaman, named Ryleen and Gando. After the meeting, a hunter named Azuljin has also joined us. One promotion was made: Vjoll became a Hexer. Lyranne told us an orc hunter named Kementari is interested in becoming the orc emissary. There was no luck in looking for the Undead and Tauren emissary.
We've decided on the new guild name: Heritage of Zandalar. I'll try to convince a Game Master (IC Thrall) to change the guild's name, but if I'm unable to do so, we will have to disband and reform the guild on the next guild meeting. There will be several complications, such as: emptying the guild bank and buying a new bank tab, informing the absent members, etc. We've decided to hold a naming party for the guild after we've changed the name. Details have not been given yet, but I think Yojamba island would be a nice place for that, since we will be named after the Zandalari, who reside there.
We've discussed the changes within the Blood Pact, including the last meeting we were accidentally not informed about. Two new guilds are interested in joining the Pact: the Thunder Bluff Irregulars and the Grimwolves, both split from the Greywolf Tribe. We will visit the Greywolf Tribe's next guild meeting, on Sunday; we ask them about the Pact and invite them to our naming party.
At the end of the meeting, the Alliance attacked Razor Hill. We ran there to defend, but could not catch any of them, either they've been already slain by the guards or they ran off.

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