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Desertion...that's what it felt like as she created the portal that took her away from the closest thing to family she'd known for years.

It was the only sane choice in a world fallen to chaos...but still, it made her feel no happier.

Ryleen was leading the Heritage into a war-zone...taking Tam into such a place...and yet, the Matriarch hadn't missed a beat when she'd stated that she couldn't put her own family in such danger.

'I've always been a coward' she thought 'but this is insane...'

'Bats stepped through the portal with Kaz, and left them all behind. Her girls would not grow up as orphans. Tia and Mae would have a chance to grow and thrive...and she would be there to see it.

The invisible bond that connected her to her friends was easily broken. She could not bear to listen to them die... a simple disruption spell was all it took to sever the link.

If Kaz wished it, she would do the same for him too, but he still held out hope and she wouldn't deny him that...


So yes, IC'ly I've taken 'Bats out of the guild. She'd never want to get into a confrontation with Ryleen about where the Heritage is headed but she could and would not continue on the journey with them and, as she was convinced they were not going to make it, she's already said her mental goodbyes.

OOC, there's a lot if stuff i want to do with cataclysm. I have plans for Vypra for a start that will take up a lot of my time which means i would not be even logging on to Bats for much of the next couple of months and, as she's in Dalaran anyway, I wouldn't even IC'ly be involved in any guild meetings we'd have.

All in all, i can't be a part of a guild where I'm not making a contribution and so, i felt it best to leave.

I've had some great rp with the Heritage and thanks to everybody who's made my time here so much fun.

See ya round!

"If we don't know where we belong, it'll make no difference from where we started"


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